King Pigeon Yoga Virginia

May 12, 2019
Yoga studio in Greenwich
1925 S Winchester Blvd
Ste 101
campbell, CA 95008
(408) 475-8203

Thank you Yelp for this great find! I was staying at an Inn just a few blocks away and was happy to find a hot yoga studio in walking distance. Tucked upstairs on Main St. in the Downtown Mall area is this boutique yoga studio. I signed up online for a drop in 60min hot flow class. This is definitely a boutique studio so don't worry if the doors are locked someone will be there to let you in I promise. I was greeted by Kelly the founder of Hydra Yoga Spa she walked me up to the studio and was very sweet. This is a very small studio but has a relaxing feel to it and a lot of character. I got spoiled with only one other student in the 9am class we enjoyed an almost private class with hands on instruction. Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi you will feel comfortable at this studio. I loved how challenging Kelly made the workout and really enjoyed a few new positions I've never done before. Kelly is also a massage therapist and she spoiled me at the end of my practice with a little massage. If I lived in Charlottesville no doubt I'd be here everyday. I can tell that Kelly is really passionate about her yoga and massage and she makes you feel really comfortable. If you are looking for that local spot to really enhance your practice and release your mind then come check Hydra Yoga Spa out, you won't be disappointed. Take advantage of the $5 off Yelp check in offer as well for drop ins and $65 for $80 deal on Yelp!

Review is only for the hot yoga classes. Disclaimer: I hate working out. Yes, yes, I know exercise is good for you and I'm sure that rush of endorphins makes you look all hot and glowy, but to quote the almighty Ann Perkins of Parks and Recreation, God, at what cost? The cost of sitting on the couch and eating fries dunked in cookie dough ice cream. (Sidebar: someone once told me that her drunk food splurge was carrot juice. I like carrot juice as much as the next rabbit-person but my face uncontrollably seized up into a WTF expression.) But I don't want to be all floppy and soggy in my bits when I hit the big 8-0, so I turned to what I thought would be the least strenuous "sport" of all, yoga. I mean, it's only synchronized stretching, duh. Let me tell you, Bikram yoga kicks my butt three times to Sunday. The hot yoga classes here are insane: orthodox Bikram consists of a flow of 26 poses, but depending on the instructor and the class, they throw in crunches, planks, and standing half-moon splits. Yeah, it's where you balance on one foot and one hand, with the other foot and hand sticking up in the air. It's super sexy unless you're hopping and flailing around like me. The room is heated to a nice toasty 90 degrees and if you're not slipping in a puddle of sweat by the time you're in your tenth downward dog, you're doing something wrong or I seriously envy how much you save on deodorant. Teachers here are very laid-back and caring. They'll ask who's new to yoga at the beginning of the class, so don't be shy and definitely don't try to pretend you're all experienced when you're not. The crow pose separates the men from the boys, the chaff from the wheat, the former gymnasts from the couch potatoes. They will also give modifications which I truly appreciate when my hamstrings are killing me and I don't want to do king pigeon, thanks. Sometimes the music selection is a bit ... odd. Like playing 1 Direction's What makes you beautiful. Great song, but I want to hear some Tibetan monks chanting when I'm trying to convince my arms to do one more chaturanga. Flow into Warrior 2. (*You're insecure, don't know what for*) Remember your ujjayi breathing. (*Everyone else in the room can see it*) Knit your ribs back. (*NAH NAH NAH NAH NAHNAHNAHNAH*) The yoga room is small and windowless, but that just means you'll get to know your neighbors very well when you can't figure out whose sweat droplet just landed on your back and is now rolling verrrrry slowly down your arm. Bring your own yoga mat and towel, because they only keep a few spares.

I have been to a hot yoga studio before and I have to say this one is quite different (in a good way) than my prior experience. Kelly (the owner) is so sweet and really makes the atmosphere calm and relaxing and makes you feel invited in to this space. My previous experience at a yoga studio was just okay, I enjoyed going but never felt really welcomed. I felt like just a name on a list but at Hydra Yoga Spa, they really try to get to know you as a person, address you by your name and to me that means a lot. I also really loved after class on some days they offered snacks, tea and even beer tastings. They do everything to make you feel like you are part of an elite yoga group and are always asking for suggestions for class. Kelly and her team do a great job teaching yoga and making it fun for the students! I also got a great deal on Yelp that I used at the studio! Definitely worth it! Check it out!

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