Breathe and Flow Yoga Virginia

May 27, 2017
Instructor at Breathe Body

Molly Field moved to Northern Virginia from Buffalo, NY in 1981. Currently she's in Burke with her husband who is a FxCo native. Together, they have three sons, two large dogs, two cats and a Costco membership. Molly has been in love with yoga since her first savasana in 1999 after the birth of her first son. She started teaching kids, first as a volunteer in 2007 and then, finally, got certified after friends nagged her to do it in 2013 so she could go legit. She loves teaching all forms of yoga, but most of all what she calls "SlowGa" which is the true mindful integration of breath and motion. Molly's also a rower and it's that awareness of every little motion in rowing that has given her insights into yoga. She's flawed, she's fun-loving and honest, and she writes on her blog about "the Advocacy of the Self" to get things off her chest. Her favorite yoga poses are pigeon, warrior 2, crow, and savasana.

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