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July 19, 2017
You may have noticed a growing
1450 P St NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 462-3569

Finally found home. Moving across the nation is no easy feat, but finding your home yoga studio is an even greater task. After exploring a number of studios around the District (hallelujah for new member kickbacks), Flow Yoga sticks the landing for my new found home. My first time round was through Classpass for Mimi's Flow Power 2..I was absolutely blown outta the water! It's been quite a while since an instructor has really challenged me and pushed me to new heights, but Mimi knows just how to advance you to the next level. (Note: This is an advanced class so work your way up to it). I tried a few other sessions the next week: heated power 1.5 by Angela, rocket vinyasa by Jonathan, and a candlelight gentle 1 w/ Corinna. All were therapeutic and memorable. As for the vibes, nothing but great. They have a dedicated customer happiness team that works on social media and customer escalations - IR and VR. There's also yoga mats and towels for rent, hot tea, a sweet balcony, and animal crackers :) *Perhaps the team could add granola to the mix? **Special shoutouts to Christina and T for making my first visit an awesome experience

I am new to ClassPass and new to Flow Yoga Center- and so far this is the friendliest studio I've been too in my quest to try out all the different yoga studios in the DC/VA area. First, be sure you are going to the right location. There is one on P street and also one on 14th street. Secondly, there is a first time free mat and towel rental which was greatly appreciated so I didn't have to lug my mat around town. I went to a class on the 14th street location and I appreciated the various cubbies where you can place your belongings (outside the room and inside the room). Also, the instructor and staff were overall very friendly and showed me where things were, offered me tea/animal cookies and gave me a brief overview of the studio. I understand that with ClassPass you get a lot of new clientele (some of which may not be consistent clientele) but it's still important to let people know they are welcomed and to give them a brief intro to the studio including layout (bathroom, cubbies, etc). I appreciated them taking the time (as compared to other places that assume you should just know where everything is) and will definitely be back to try other classes.

Good yoga class with some serious yogis, but I wish the instructors didn't just zip through the poses without more cueing for alignment, form, and posture so that injury prevention was more top of mind.

I feel mixed about this studio. I definitely think they have the best workshops in town - they bring in some of the best yoga teachers in the world. My absolute favorite yoga teacher in the world teaches here when she's in town (I cried when she moved out of DC). Their waiting area is really nice, super comfy. Their classes are always SO crowded though. Every single class and workshop I've taken here have mats touching it's so packed. It is an intimidating crowd too and not a super friendly atmosphere. I would only recommend checking out if you are a super serious yogi looking to train with some of the best. It's not great if you're looking for a chill atmosphere to practice.

After going to flow yoga for a couple months and overall enjoying it, I recently had one of the worst customer service experiences of my life. I was dragged out of class not once but twice by a yoga teacher working the front desk. He told me I had a discrepancy with my account and needed to pay for a class I had not shown up to the night before. Umm what?! A. I had not been to flow yoga in 2 weeks B. I'm not aware that you can sign up for a class without paying for it online He proceeded to treat me like I was lying. On a Friday night after a long week at work, this is not how I wanted to spend my preclass moments. I had a terrible class, even though Mimi is one of the best I just couldn't shake how disrespectfully I've been treated. Bye flow yoga!! Update:Owners dealt with situation quickly and compassionately.

I've been going here for a few years and really enjoy their teachers. Brittany is amazing especially for pilates, and Caroline and Joan are great for Vinyasa. I've also taken the restorative class a few times. Some of the classes can get a bit crowded but they also offer quite a few classes so it's easier to find a time that fits your schedule no matter how much you work. I'm a bit disappointed that they've cut back on their pilates classes though, because I'd like to keep coming here and I'm going to have to look elsewhere if I can't go to Pilates here too!

I am new to yoga, and this is hands down the best studio I have found yet. As a newbie, you can pay just $40 for unlimited classes for the first month, which is a steal compared to the $20/class price plan (but they also have other pricing plans, like a pre-paid discount bundle). The studio offers great flexibility with their times, morning, mid-day and eve, which has allowed me to check out a range of their beginner classes. So far, Slow Flow is my favorite.

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