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May 9, 2024
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Bikini Wax is the eighteenth episode in Season Two as well as the 41st episode of the entire NCIS series.


When a Virginia Beach bikini contestant is found in a public bathroom toilet, having drowned, the team believe a stalker might be responsible but when Ducky finds that the victim was pregnant when she died, an unlikely suspect emerges while DiNozzo plans his own version of Spring Break and soon discovers a secret from Kate's past...


The scene opens at a bikini contest in Virigina Beach which is being filmed as well.

The M.C, Jamel Jones brings out the first two contestants but when he calls for the third, a Petty Officer named Tiffany Jordan, she doesn't appear, drawing some concern from the crowd.

It then cuts to a public restroom where it shows Jordan whose head is in the toilet and it closes up on her stunned expression while also revealing that she is dead.

Act One

Anthony DiNozzo arrives for work and as he heads for the bullpen, meets Abigail Sciuto who tells him she likes his new tie. Tony thanks her and announces that he paid over 100 dollars for it.

She then remarks what's the point in Tony bragging about his clothes given that they know how much he makes.

Tony makes a little rubbing gesture with his fingers and turns back to Kate who tells him that it's not very professional and that Gibbs would never walk in and tell them how much he paid for his shirt.

Tony retorts that the prices at Sears have been consistent since the late 1970s.

As they head for the lift, Tony asks Gibbs if he's had a chance to sign off on that missing person's report Tony gave him.

Gibbs tells him that he hasn't and sarcastically comments that he tried to get to it the previous night but as it turns out, Sears was having a sale.

The doors then close on Tony's stunned expression.

A while later, the team have gathered at Virigina Beach and are busy getting everything they need to process the scene.

As she and McGee head for the scene, Kate tells McGee to give it five seconds.

Tony quickly notices that there's a bikini contest and is left stunned.

Gibbs takes the wind out of Tony's sails by telling Tony that the contest is over.

Tony slams the car trunk shut and nods just as Gibbs tells him to gear up.

Sommers tells Gibbs that he'd assume Gibbs would want this one.

"You assumed correctly, Lt", Gibbs replies.

Sommers then states as soon as they found the victim's Norfolk ID card, they cleared out while Sommers brought extra men in just to seal off the area.

Gibbs remarks that a bikini doesn't leave much room for an ID. Sommers tells him that there was a beach bag near the body.

Gibbs wants to know what Volt Entertainment is. Sommers tells him that it's a local cable channel that caters to men and that they air all the contests.

Kate tells Gibbs that she'll go get a dub.

Gibbs nods and asks Sommers who found the body.

Sommers tells him that an eldery woman found the body at around 1400 and that she was pretty frantic when she told one of Sommers's men.

Sommers then points out that the woman's back there in his car. However, Gibbs just heads for the crime scene with McGee following him while Tony hangs behind.

Kate tells Sommers that Gibbs isn't one for chit-chat.

Sommers remarks that he can see that while Tony's interested in meeting girls from the bikini contest.

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