Yoga for stress management Virginia

May 27, 2024

Yoga and meditation classes are powerful tools for promoting health and well-being in your organization. Radiance Yoga provides your employees with effective tools for managing stress, releasing tension in the body, and promoting mental clarity. We can conduct onsite at your office or at Radiance Yoga studio.

Benefits for your employees:
  • Release stress in the mind & body
  • Maintain a healthy posture and decrease injuries
  • Manage moods and anxiety
  • Increase flexibility and tone muscles
  • Master the breath to maximize physical energy and increase mental clarity
  • Strengthen the nervous, glandular, and immune systems
Benefits for your business:
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve employee morale
  • Increase retention
  • Improve employee relationships
  • Classes are 30-90 minutes in duration
  • All levels offered
  • We suggest 8-12 week sessions meeting one to two times a week
Beginners 8-Week Series

Beginners Yoga Series is an 8 week session meeting once a week for 60 minutes. The series introduces basic yogic breathing, postures, meditation, and relaxation. The series helps students alleviate tension in the body, bring flexibility to the spine, and reduce stress. The session can take place at Radiance Yoga studio or at your office.

Meditation 8-Week Series

Meditation Series is an 8 week session to learn the basics of meditation and learn simple, helpful techniques to calm the mind, balance the emotions, and remain neutral in stressful situations.

Proactive Stress Relief Series

Proactive Stress Relief Series is an 8 week session that helps employees learn stress-management techniques using yoga and meditation to effectively manage anxiety, fatigue, sleep disorders, and negative thought patterns. These techniques are simple enough to practice at work or home.


Proactive Stress Relief
Introduction to Meditation
Yoga for a Healthy Back
Relaxation Techniques

Organizational Retreats

Integrate yoga and meditation in your next retreat. We can facilitate early morning, noon, and evening classes for students at all levels. We work with you to design an effective yoga program to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Training & Development

Radiance yoga has partnered with Legacy Team Development to offer half and full day programs in team building, leadership skills, and Myers Briggs. Programs help participants cultivate awareness, improve communication skills, learn to leverage strengths, and work through challenges. Programs can be scheduled at Radiance Yoga or at your office.

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