Yoga in Spanish Virginia

December 24, 2018
Call for Bilingual Yoga

Kids In ArtTap and Ballet

Tap and Ballet class help the children to be physically fit. Children love to move to music, and this is where they can do it! Students are encouraged to focus, listen to directions and integrate the two into dance moves. Students develop poise and exercise control over their bodies. At the end of the year the dancers showcase what they have learned in their fabulous costumes at the recital in June.

YogaHip Hop

Hip hop keeps the children active in a healthy way. Moving to the rhythmic patterns in hip hop class the students will enjoy their time dancing. Students improve their ability to focus and follow directions while learning to command their bodies. At the end of the year the hip hoppers will put on a recital and showcase their costumes and their moves!

Soccer shots comes to the school and teaches the children the fundamentals of soccer. The kids love it and the coaches are fantastic!

Fun Bus The Fun Bus drives into Courthouse Academy weekly and parks at the school. The kids cannot get enough. It is fitness and fun on wheels.

Founded in 1920, Scholastic originated as a single classroom magazine. Since then, books and educational materials published by Scholastic have made their way into tens of thousands of schools and tens of millions of homes globally.

Rock-It Science offers a fun hands-on class and also encourages development of fine motor, language, math, and thinking skills. It’s mission is to introduce young students to the scientific method and encourage a desire to find answers, come up with questions, and predict outcomes.

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