Yoga Instructor jobs Virginia

November 30, 2014
Become a Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructors teach individuals how to correctly perform yoga techniques and movements in a class and/or one-on-one setting. They may work for a variety of employers, such as yoga studios, gyms and fitness centers. They must provide their class with instructions on poses and conduct demonstrations as needed, as well as provide individual guidance to students related to their poses and technique. The yoga instructor must ensure that the class environment is positive and encouraging for new and experienced students, as well as ensure that the class is safe and all participants follow safety rules.

Yoga instructors may develop a curriculum and plan individual classes, although some employers have a pre-determined curriculum. Students may range in age from preschoolers to older adults; depending on the classes they teach, yoga instructors may need knowledge on how to work with specific age groups. Yoga instructors must be able to use all necessary equipment, as well as be able to instruct students on their proper use.

Yoga instructors need an extensive understanding of the type(s) of yoga that they are hired to teach, and they must have the physical ability to demonstrate poses and provide students with hands-on guidance. There is generally no educational requirement for yoga instructor positions, although a high school diploma or equivalent may be required or preferred. Previous yoga teaching experience may be required for this position, although some employers are willing to hire new instructors and require on-the-job training as part of the requirements to be hired. Yoga certifications and/or CPR certification may be required or preferred as well.

Yoga Instructor Tasks

  • Ensure a safe class environment, informing participants of safety rules and monitoring participants throughout the class.
  • Help participants tailor the class workout to their individual abilities and needs.
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