Barefoot Yoga Studio Virginia

February 25, 2020
Years in prison for

Maureen found her way to yoga as many who have come before her – during pregnancy. That was 13 years ago, in 2002. In 2013, she fortuned upon a shiny little studio surrounded by windows on the third floor of a downtown Oakland building, named Barefoot Movement. The rest can be summed up with the quote: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Prior to Barefoot Movement, Maureen has had a handful of opportunities to lead various groups – mostly friends and family – through the practice of asana (pose/posture). It was through the flow teacher training program at Barefoot Movement where she learned that asana is only one of the traditional 8 limbs of yoga. Armed with this new understanding of yoga, Maureen’s breath/body awareness practice took off, and it is this part of yoga, the discovering of new ways to connect with one’s physical experience, that has begun to shape her personal practice.

As a former athlete, one of the most rewarding parts of Maureen’s yoga practice has been getting (re)acquainted with her physical body in a whole new way, and she is eager to help other students do the same. In his book “Teaching Yoga, ” Mark Stephens says: “If all you do as a yoga teacher is motivate and guide your students to breath consciously and feel themselves more subtly through the breath as they explore in the universe of their body, mind and spirit, they will be well served.”

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