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June 9, 2020
Photo of Little River Yoga

To pay for a class, just show up at the studio and purchase a drop in, class pass, or session from your individual teacher, with cash or check (Nancy and Paul accept credit cards as well), made out to that teacher. You can drop in to ANY CLASS, ANY TIME, for only $10.

Class Pass (Paul – Jan – Maureen): You can purchase a class pass from the teacher with whom you are taking classes. As we are more of a “consortium” of teachers under the James River “umbrella” class passes are not transferable from one teacher to the next. Feel free to drop in ($10 fee) to any class and check out the most appropriate teacher, level and day/time for your needs. Drop in anytime for $10; Class Passes: 45 for 5 classes, but double-check with teacher for rates.

10-Week Sessions (Nancy – Ellen – Anne): Session classes are designed for those who want to take a more systematic, comprehensive approach to their yoga practice. Each of the classes in a session builds upon skills mastered in the class before and the poses become more challenging as the session progresses. Because of the session format, students are able to learn some of the more advanced inversions and backbends – like handstands and full wheel, as they develop strength and flexibility over time.

Register for Sessions in the studio. Session classes are designated by and asterix (*) on the schedule page. $90 for 1.5 hour class and $80 for 1 hour class, and 1 hour 15 minute class.

Drop-ins are welcome in any session or any class-pass class for $10!

If you sign up for a session and a medical emergency keeps you from completing it, please contact the teacher about crediting the amount toward another session. We cannot refund session payments. Thank you.

If you sign up for a session and find that you have to miss a class, YOU CAN MAKE UP IN ANY OTHER “SESSION” CLASS (the ones beside an asterix on the schedule page) WITH ANY OTHER TEACHER; you can also “make up” in advance if you know you will have to miss an upcoming class. Make-ups must be completed before the session is over.

Donation Class (Steve): Mindfulness Meditation is donation-based.

As always, you can drop in ANY time to ANY class at James River Yoga Studio for only $10. See you on the mat – come join us and find out what all the fuss is about!

Source: jamesriveryoga.com
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