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February 28, 2020
Larkspur Breakfast Collage

Cindy Lewton DehanEstablishing a Wellness Team for our students and families has been a wish of the Board, the faculty, and me for some time. Having a team of health care specialists as a resource for our dancers to draw upon has become more urgent over the past couple of years, as our students are faced with tremendous pressures: heavy school demands, college preparation, social and personal stresses and extracurricular activities are the many things our students have to cope they wish to dance! We want to provide a place for them to dance, a place that gives the support they need to stay injury-free and healthy, both in mind and body. The specialists I have found offer this kind of wonderful service and support. -Virginia Stapleton

Cindy Lewton Dehan MS, PT

Cindy Lewton Dehan has a lifetime love of exercise, movement and sports. Cindy grew up competing in gymnastics and skiing, and she later became an All American diver. Her experience in sports led her to pursue a career in physical therapy. Cindy graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Colorado and received her Master of Science and Physical Therapy from the University of California, San Francisco in 1997. She has spent the last decade working in sports medicine and orthopedics. Cindy works with various Bay area dance schools helping to promote health and wellness. Cindy has a passion for continued learning and has many years of advanced level orthopedic, manual and osteopathic coursework. She is trained in Active Release Technique. Cindy's goal is to help people realize their greatest potential and to facilitate healing in a positive, motivating environment. Visit for information.

Jane Denton D.P.M.Dr. Jane Denton, Podiatrist

Jane Denton D.P.M., has served as a Podiatrist for the San Francisco and Oakland Ballet Companies and now treats dancers from the San Francisco Ballet School and Marin Dance Theatre. She has been the Medical Coordinator for the San Francisco Marathon and on the Medical Team Staff for the Golden Gate Half Marathon. She has written articles such as: Functional Foot Orthoses for Athletic Injuries. Journal of American Podiatric Medical Association., Vol. 75, No. 7, July, 1985; and "Overuse Injuries in the Ballet Dancer", chapter in Clinics of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Vol.13. No.3, July 1997.
(415) 353-6400 at the Center for Sports Medicine, SF

Elizabeth JensenElizabeth M. Jensen, Pilates Trainer

Elizabeth Jensen is an alumni dancer of Stapleton School. Elizabeth has always remained active, whether dancing ballet or exploring the outdoors, running the lakes, biking the trails, or finding her center in yoga. Appreciating the joys of movement and the energy and strength it has afforded her in her life, Elizabeth was inspired to work with the body. Specifically, Elizabeth is interested in exploring ways to maximize the quality of the body's health and function without medications or invasive medical procedures. Pursuing a career in Physical Therapy, Elizabeth discovered Pilates, a key rehabilitative and therapeutic mind-body exercise that improves the quality and longevity of the body's functionality. Elizabeth has studied Human Anatomy & Kinesiology at SFSU and completed the Post baccalaureate Premedical Program at Columbia University, New York. Elizabeth has had the privilege of studying under the direction of Pilates Master instructor Jean Sullivan, and received her Comprehensive Trainer certification from ITT Pilates at A Body of Work, San Francisco. or (415) 713.3833

Dr. Laszlo PaineAnka Laszlo Paine, Psy.D.

Dr. Laszlo Paine is a psychologist in private practice with offices in San Anselmo and Larkspur. She received her undergraduate degree from Duke University and a Masters degree in Counseling and School Psychology from Tufts University. After working at an all-female boarding school on the east coast, she moved west and completed a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of San Francisco. While in graduate school, she worked as an Educational Consultant in San Francisco helping families identify the best educational and social environment for their children based on their specific needs, strengths and interests. Dr. Paine is excited to be part of the Stapleton Wellness team as she is passionate about helping children, adolescents and their families navigate the complexities of their own and unique social-emotional development. She has witnessed the benefit to adolescent girls, in particular, as they work with her to actively improve communication skills, coping skills and problem-solving skills both within their family unit and in their greater community.

Dr. Kristin Wingfield, Sports Medicine

Dr. Wingfield is a primary care sports medicine specialist, board certified through the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine and fellowship trained at Stanford University. She currently practices at Post Street Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in San Francisco and Corte Madera. While she has had extensive experience treating elite athletes and performing artists, she also enjoys taking care of recreational athletes and active people of all ages. She diagnoses and treats all types of athletic injuries - acute and overuse - of all body parts, as well as arthritis and medical conditions such as concussions and exercise-induced broncho-constriction. Dr. Wingfield also has experience dealing with doping issues and testing, eating disorders, exercise prescription, and injury prevention. She treats all age groups, which includes many patients who are active well into their 70's, as well as a large pediatric sports medicine practice. She is a consulting physician with SF Ballet and is part of Dance USA's Taskforce for Dancer's Health. Visit for more information.

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