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October 22, 2017
200 Hour Teacher Training
Shelah and Amira of Samadhi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in Charleston WV

Samadhi is a performance dance troupe in the Charleston -
Huntington area of West Virginia. Their main performance art is
tribal fusion belly dance but they also have fire performers, knife
twirlers, hula hoopers and Hawaiian hula dancers!

While performing belly dance, the dancers are entertaining
themselves as much as they are entertaining the audience. They do
a mix of choreographed and improvisational pieces. You'll hear them
making “yip” sounds to signal changes. They will also zaghareet to
one another to express their enthusiasm and excitement. They'll
even laugh and smile if one of the dancers misses a cue - which is
always a possibility with improv!

As you can tell, they don't take themselves very seriously. Since
these dancers are all about the having fun themselves and making
sure the audience is having fun, too, they'll frequently invite the
audience to dance with them. They form a circle, designate one
dancer as the leader of the chorus (the dancers in the circle), then
each dancer rotates into the middle of the circle to dance.

Samadhi was formed in 2004 and is based in South Charleston.
Their costuming is an eclectic mix of modern and ethnic pieces from
many regions of the world. Much of their jewelry originates from the
Kuchi tribe of Afghanistan. For more information on tribal dance or to
schedule a performance, please contact Amira at

Samadhi Divine
Performance Troupe

Samadhi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Troupe brings women of all
ages, shapes and sizes together to belly dance while having fun

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