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December 8, 2023
Yoga, then the schedule is

This week, I’m back and forth between Virginia and NC, teaching and consulting along the way. I start the week up on Locust Ridge, working on class schedules for the coming year. If you’d like to find out about a class in your area, contact me here.

Tuesday, it’s week 4 of Yoga classes for men in Hillsville, Virginia. Class is held Tuesday 630PM, at Wellness Pursuits just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The stretching and strengthening of Yoga asana practice complements the physicality of gardening. I’m a healthier person because of my Yoga practice and because of the good, fresh food I grow in the garden. Both practices feed my soul. If you’re interested in a class in your area, contact me. Here’s more information on the classes at Wellness Pursuits.

I’ll be in the Patrick County, Virginia area Monday – Wednesday, providing farm, business, and home landscape consultations. I still have some spots open. If you’d like me to come by and help you with a garden consultation, I’d love to do it. Here’s how to reach me.

On Thursday, I’m headed to Matthews, NC, for meetings and consultations. It’s a great time to take stock of what’s going on in the garden and landscape. The growing season is still fresh in your mind, and with leaves down or falling, you can see the architecture of your landscape clearly.(You can capture all that organic matter for your garden, too. Ask me how.) You can reach me here to schedule a landscape consultation.

On Saturday, I’ll be at Renfrow Hardware in Matthews, NC, helping my friend and partner, David Blackley. Pressly tells me there’s lots of new seed available at the store now. Renfrow’s has the best selection of seed in the Charlotte, NC area. Come see what a 100 year old, family-owned hardware store has to offer! Here’s info and directions to one of the coolest hardware stores in NC.

I’ve designed and installed all kinds of landscapes, from formal herb gardens to Permaculture homesteads. In an hour, I can solve problems, identify plants, show you some opportunities, and help you enjoy your garden even more! If you͛re interested in a home landscape consultation, contact me here.

I farmed and operated a plant nursery in NC for 15 years, and was an NC Cooperative Extension agent for 8 years. In that time, I learned a LOT about farm production and farm business management. I can help you with organic certification, transition to organic practices, and marketing your farm and food products. To learn how to cultivate profit on your farm, contact me here.

In these times of great opportunity for small business owners, strategic planning is essential for success. I can help you write a business plan, construct enterprise and cash flow budgets, and do market research. Individual consultations and group trainings are options for getting the information you need to succeed! To take advantage of the opportunities that are available to small business owners, contact me here.

Remember to enjoy your garden, because THAT’S what makes you a Successful Gardener!
Hope to see you sometime this week!

Peace, Grace, & Love,

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