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September 22, 2018
As does 97 year old yoga

The OM Yoga Therapy Center offers private and semi-private yoga therapy and instruction to students of all levels and group classes at corporations and schools throughout Northern Virginia.

It is our mission to make yoga accessable to everyone, sharing its gifts with as many people as possible.

During your private session, Julianne Misra, BS, Registered Yoga Teacher, will review your health status and physical challenges and tailor a 15-20 minute personal yoga practice for you to do each day. Why only 15-20 minutes? Because everyone can take 15 minutes a day and that is really enough to bring about dramatic changes to your life.

This session including postures and breathing exercises will be designed to meet your personal goals. Whether you want to be stronger, more flexible, or relax and heal your nervous system, Julianne can help create a practice to reach your goals. This session is also a great primer for anyone wanting to join a group yoga class at a studio, gym or do yoga tapes in the privacy of their home. Email Julianne@theOMcenter.com to schedule your session today.

Your session is likely covered by your health insurance under your physical therapy plan. Call or office to learn details. Cash rates - $84 Private Yoga Lesson
Corporate and School-based Yoga priced per job
- $10 per child/per class : Children's Yoga/Teen Yoga Parties/Scout Events.

What is Yoga all About?

More than 36 million Americans are now practicing yoga. The practice is designed to lead you, the student, to an ever-increasing knowledge of himself and the needs of his body and mind in order to achieve and maintain good physical and mental health and spiritual harmony. Yoga is a discipline, not a religion. It is a "work-in" as much as a work-out. We are teaching you to make a greater connection between your mind and body, so you can listen and be more aware of what they both need. When you have peace in both the mind and body, you have health.

Each posture is designed to work a different system in the body, bringing balance to your glandular, eliminative, nerve, digestive, muscular, and circulatory systems. Yoga is for everybody. You do NOT need to be skinny, flexible or "in shape." It will help strengthen you, heal you, and bring peace and clarity to your life.


Children's Yoga parties/scout badges by appointment

Source: www.theomcenter.com
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