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June 7, 2017
Are Your Yoga Pants Bad for

Made in USAI recently wrote a blog about Eco friendly clothing brands and how they are changing the standards and expectations of what 'Green Clothes' are. As a yoga teacher the next natural step was to research which brands are matching their yoga principles to their clothing manufacturing.

  • Based in: Carlsbad, CA
  • Founder: Jeff Shiue
  • Signature Fabrics: Supplex; Recycled Micropolyester; Mesh
  • Offers: Women's yoga tops, bottoms and accessories, along with MATERNITY yoga clothes!!
  • Claim to Fame: Affordable, beautiful, Eco friendly yoga and studio wear for women.
  • Why it is Eco Friendly: Cozy Orange developed the Eco line Cozy-Eco, made from recycled polyester. In addition, their packaging is made from all recycled materials and their production facilities are evaluated by sustainability teams to ensure an efficient Eco friendly process.
  • Based in: Los Angeles, CA
  • Founder: Mike Bastegian
  • Signature Fabric: Eclon
  • Offers: Women's casual and athletic tops and bottoms. Kids' line.
  • Claim to Fame: Casual clothing brand for women with an effortless street-to-gym appeal. Has a sports line called Solow Sport with super stylish athletic clothes.
  • Why it is Eco Friendly: Solow is a locally sourced company. Their signature Eclon performance fabric is wicking and Blue-Sign certified sustainable.
  • Based in: Denver, Colorado
  • Founder: Amy Lopatin Dobrin
  • Signature Fabrics: Modal; Breathe Weave; Tencel; French Terry; Organic Cotton; Recycled Polyester Blend
  • Offers: Women/Men's yoga tops, bottoms and accessories
  • Claim to Fame: After realizing that advanced skiing clothing is made with breathable and wicking fabrics, along with quick drying layers, founder Amy Lopatin Dobrin decided to apply those attributes to a line of yoga apparel. In 2002, with the help of her business savvy husband - Jon Dobrin and yoga studio owner brother - Ian Lopatin the family owned brand was successfully tested and developed. It is now available globally.
  • Why it is Eco Friendly: Manufacturing is done in Colorado and California. Offers a wide variety of sustainable fabrics.
  • Based in: NYC, New York
  • Founder: wife and husband duo Julissa Carranza and Kristinn Sigridarson
  • describe the imageSignature Fabrics: Modal; Recycled Polyester; Soy and Organic Cotton
  • Offers: Women/Men's yoga tops and bottoms
  • Claim to Fame: Formerly involved in New York's fashion industry, the duo decided to converge their love for yoga and fashion. They jumped into the yoga clothing business in 2006, designing beautiful clothes that can be worn in or out of the yoga studio.
  • Why it is Eco Friendly: Anjali's clothes are 'sweat shop free' and manufactured in New York and Los Angeles or Fair Trade certified by their partners.
  • Made in USA
  • Based in: Malibu, CA
  • Founder: Noreen Austin
  • Signature fabrics: High performance fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Offers: Women's yoga tops, bottoms and hoodies
  • Claim to fame: Founder Noreen Austin decided to marry her 15 year yoga practice with her 20 years in apparel design and merchandise. The result is an Eco friendly yoga clothing line for women at reasonable prices. Sign me up!
  • Why it is Eco Friendly: Uses recycled polyester fiber which is environmentally responsible.
  • Based in: Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Founder: Cristofer Smith
  • Signature Fabrics: Ultra Support; Bamboo and Organic Cotton
  • Offers: Women's yoga tops, bottoms and jackets
  • Claim to Fame: Its founder has over 24 years as athletic designer for big names Urban Flex, Avia, So Sporty and Biza. Green Apple is his first 'green' clothing line.
  • Why it is Eco Friendly: All of the brand's clothes are vegan and biodegradable, using bamboo and organic cotton without any chemicals. Even their patented Ultra Support fabric is biodegradable.
  • Corporate office in Colorado; Warehouse in California
  • Owner: Kary Goebel
  • Signature Fabrics: All Organic Cotton
  • Offers: Women/Men's yoga tops, bottoms and jewelry
  • Claim to Fame: Although the company was founded in Hawaii, it now has its corporate offices in Colorado and its warehouse in California.
  • Why it is Eco Friendly: Inner Waves believes that what you put on your body is as important was what you put in it. Therefore they use 100% certified organic cotton that is biodegradable and they make all their clothes in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Based in: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Founder: Momi Chee
  • Signature Fabrics: Bamboo; Organic Cotton Lycra; Supima/Micromodal; Model; Organic Rib; Burnout Fabric
  • Offers: Women's yoga and casual tops, bottoms, jewelry, accessories, gifts and paper goods
  • Claim to Fame: Founded in 2001, what started out as a yoga clothing line has evolved into a collection of everyday clothes known for their bold prints and color.
  • Why it is Eco Friendly: Besides being entirely sewn, dyed and embellished in Los Angeles, CA, Lily Lotus uses an array of Eco friendly materials in the confection of their garments.
  • Founders: Beaver and Pam Theadosakis
  • Signature Fabrics: Organic Cotton; Hemp; Bluesign Certified; Chakara; Veeda; Jacquard; Micropoly
  • Offers: Women/Men's yoga, climbing and fitness tops, bottoms and hoodies/jackets. Also carries swim, dresses and accessories
  • Claim to Fame: Perhaps the most well known environmentally friendly yoga brand with a wide selection of items that extend far beyond the yoga mat.
  • Why it is Eco Friendly: Since their beginnings in 1992, prAna has upheld their promise to be an environmentally sustainable organization. They partnered with Bluesign, the worldwide standard applied to production chains to measure the safety and sustainability of raw materials used by chemical and manufacturing companies. In addition, they use only Fair Trade certified partners across the world. They also created the Natural Power Initiative to engage in business practices that would reduce their Greenhouse emissions and accelerate the development of renewable energy economy.
  • Based in: Fairfax, Virginia
  • Founders: Rachel and Cathy Richardson
  • Signature Fabrics: Organic Cotton and Bamboo; coming soon, Moral and Tencel
  • Offers: Women's tyed dyed yoga tops, pants, scarves, dresses and baby... yeah, baby!
  • Claim to Fame: Shining Shakti makes yoga clothing that are one of a kind. Each item is tyed dyed by hand so no two designs are ever the same.
  • Why it is Eco Friendly: All fabrics are sustainable, biodegradable and organic.

And there you have it kids! Whether you're new to yoga or a devoted yogi, opt for something that is in line with your yogic values. At PuraKai we love to showcase fellow clothing companies with similar values because at the end of the day, it is about the bigger picture. You're welcome Mother Earth.

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