Yoga by numbers Virginia

March 31, 2021
For a local yoga event
(757) 226-7881

Great, visited for a thankful thanksgiving class that was packed but the instructors used that as a great springboard for practice with humor and smiles all the way. I appreciated that they came up and were truly interested in students as I was new and made sure to personally introduce themselves to me and my partner and ask us about our personal practice. Gills smile truly made us feel at home in this studio.

From my first few classes at Breathe, I knew the studio was different from many I had visited before-in a good way. - Classes are inviting for experienced and beginner students alike. - Instructors are passionate and knowledgeable. - There is a genuine sense of community at Breathe-something we often miss out on as we go about our crazy, hectic, busy, disconnected lives. Go, have fun, and give yourself some time to breathe! ;) I also had the opportunity to complete Breathe's 200 hr yoga teacher training (YTT) program with Meaghan and Gil. If you've thought about completing a YTT program-whether to teach or to deepen your own practice-I highly recommend you check it out, talk to Meaghan and Gil, and see if it's a fit. The program prepares students to not only be knowledgeable, confident yoga instructors, but to be knowledgeable, confident human beings. Students are taught the fundamentals of teaching a yoga class, yes, but are also lead on a journey toward inner peace and clarity. This clarity allows students to more fully delve into their own yoga practice and to find the joy in their practice, both on the mat and in their daily life. It is through this grounding, clearer sense of self that students are then able to share the potential of yoga by guiding other students on their own journeys.

I was in Norfolk for work and visited here twice during my stay. It is a cute yoga studio and the staff is really nice. I am still a bit new to the practice of yoga and the classes were very beginner friendly. The instructor gave me individual attention to make sure I was in the correct poses. Overall two thumbs up!!!

I've been wanting to get into a formal yoga practice for a while, so my boyfriend booked us a private session with Gil for my birthday. Though we were both relative newbies, Gil was patient and engaging and it was an amazing hour. I was hooked. I signed up for a membership and go to classes as often as my schedule allows. Every class I have been to, no matter which instructor, has been amazing. There are different feels to each class and each instructor definitely has passion for teaching and helping the students to not only be better yogis but better people. They don't push the spiritual side of yoga but definitely offer it if you choose to participate. Classes can get crowded but the general atmosphere is so welcoming that everyone moves their mats and fits in. Gil and Meaghan cultivate a genuine community at the studio, showing compassion and empathy for students, asking about their lives, their significant others, and encouraging them to continue forward in their practice. If you are a serious yogi or a casual practitioner, they will make a special place in their studio for you. I cannot recommend Breathe with enough enthusiasm.

I was very impressed with the staff and the instructors, this making the whole experience that much more delightful. I look forward to my next visit and I strongly recommend to all audiences, thanks you.

I have been practicing at Breathe for about 6 months now and have had the pleasure of experiencing almost all of the various classes and teachers in this warm and gracious space. I have felt a genuine sense of warmth and compassion within the hearts and walls of Breathe since my first, beginner level class ( which I still attend, as I learn something new each time! ) and would reccommend this studio to anyone looking to start or deepen their practice and study of Yoga. Owners Meaghan and Gil share their passion and knowledge on an individual level to each and every student and have created a true sense of community, even family, at Breathe. ( Pricing and package options are totally reasonble too!! )

Breathe Yoga is great! I went in there after having a particularly rough day, and came out in the best mood. Not only should you try Breathe Yoga Studio but you should make it a habit of taking classes there daily. it is really nicely done and full of good energy.

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