Core Power Yoga Bucktown Virginia

March 6, 2017
How to Work Out at Chicago s
How do you feel now, three years in?

I think Chicago is not only a city full of art, culture and diversity, but people are very kind here and that’s very rare to find that kind of hospitality in a city that’s booming with growth and progressivism and challenges and economic difficulties. It’s a very happening busy city, and I was very surprised by the amount of passion and welcoming feeling.

Did you find a neighborhood you liked?

Originally I was in Bucktown, which I really liked, I love Bucktown. And then I ended up moving to Lincoln Park. I think I’m there to stay for the duration I’m here—ideally I’d really like to live in a big loft on Fulton or something, but I’m a little too lazy to move again. It’s cool, though; my townhouse feels like it’s out of Italy—brick and wood floors and butcher block kitchen.

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