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April 15, 2017
Yoga Pants Ignite Controversy

We invite you to visit us to see our wonderful selection of yoga-inspired products from all over the world. We will gladly help you find the perfect gift for yourself, a friend, or a loved one. We have a lovely collection of unique handmade items for both everyday living and special occasions. Additionally, we have beautiful artwork and decorative items for your home, office, or yoga space.

Our goal is to offer a broad range of products that will make people feel happy, calm, and peaceful. If you are new to yoga or meditation, we have many tools and resources to help you learn the benefits and techniques of these practices. For those who already practice yoga, you will find a nice selection of yoga essentials and accessories.

Marcela’s Yoga Boutique also organizes international yoga retreats several times a year as well as in-store events and workshops. We hope to inspire people to improve their well-being and everyday life.

Marcela’s Yoga Boutique was created with the following goals in mind:

  • VISION: To make the world a better place by offering ethically-sourced products from all over the world that inspire people to live healthy, balanced lives.
  • MISSION: To offer inspirational products and services that help people to nourish their mind, body and soul.
  • CORE VALUES: Community. Kindness. Gratitude. Balance. Health and Wellness.


Selin Studio - Old Town Alexandria - "What a beautiful little shop! Upon entering, you're greeted by the wonderful smells of Marcela's essential oils, and by the charming owner herself. You can tell she took her time in carefully selecting her merchandise - from delicate sculptures to handcrafted tokens and trinkets, everything is yoga-inspired and comes with a story. Our staff visited Marcela's Yoga Boutique yesterday just to browse, but we ended up treating ourselves to a selection of delicious loose-leaf tea, colorful yoga mats, and a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp to brighten up our waiting area. Nothing like doing some great gift-shopping while supporting a small business!"

Michele S. - "Marcela, you have chosen a path in life which many want to take but few actually dare to and by doing that you have given yourself the potential to change at least one life every single day. Entrepreneurs don't wait for chances, they create them - just like you are doing."

Suzanne H. - "What a great space! I know you are going to have so much fun doing this. It won't seem like work at all."

Lisa S. - "Love this place - what a great place to find yoga inspired art, books, bracelets and clothing!!"

Athena W. - "Beautiful shop offering everything you might need for a zen-filled yoga life!"

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