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September 19, 2020
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The father of power yoga - Bryan Kest

Weekend Workshop
February 24-26, 2017
Southern Pines, NC

"Aloha! Please join me for a weekend of opening, strengthening and awakening! I teach a vinyasa style hatha yoga class which is flowing, physical type of yoga. Power Yoga is the name I coined to describe an empowering class. My primary objective, besides turning more and more people on to a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle that continually challenges them to grow, is to teach a system of exercise that fully integrates the body, mind and spirit.

Welcome to meditation in motion. Just breathe!" - Bryan Kest

Workshop is open to students of all levels, Friday 7-9pm

Orientation/Power Yoga class
This class is part lecture, part asana practice. Bryan starts by explaining the objective of Power Yoga, as well as the principles of the practice. This class sets a foundation for the entire weekend.

Saturday 10:30am-1pm

Power Yoga class
A well rounded flowing asana practice integrating mental practices that enhance everyday living.

Saturday 4:30-6:30pm

Long, Slow and Deep stretch class
A series of deep stretches that open the body, while challenging the mind. Created as a complement to the flowing class.

Sunday 9:30am-Noon

Full-on Power Yoga class
An integration of everything covered over the weekend.

Bryan Kest has been practicing yoga since 1979 and teaching since 1985. He developed his unique, distinctive style of yoga, Original Power Yoga, in 1979. Over the years, this style has made him a well-known, popular teacher across the country and around the world.

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