What is Ashtanga Yoga Virginia?

March 28, 2017
505 Monticello Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 531-5441

I found Ashtanga Yoga through Crossfit Charlottesville, who hosted a special yoga class with Annie R. The class was excellent, so I asked Annie where she taught: Opal Yoga. I started with Mary B's power hour - probably one of the most difficult classes I've ever taken! Mary is incredibly knowledgeable and she did a wonderful job of both challenging me and adjusting moves to my level. I can only speak for Annie and Mary, but if you get a chance to take one of their classes, I highly recommend it. Honestly, prior to finding these great instructors, I was not a fan of Yoga - now, I love it and do it multiple times a week.

i m here at the Ashtanga Yoga Shala for a workshop with Chuck Miller but i was here before for a Mysore class and i truly like it here. its easy to find parking, the room is nice and warm but also has an air humidifier that makes breathing easier. Ashtanga Yoga is for everybody my boyfriend is teaching people in their 70 s in Asheville and the teachers here are good enough to take everybody individually though their practice. as far as i know there are Mysore classes every morning, but saturday and moon days and different teachers. Zoe is a verified ashtanga instructor that is very advanced and can bring you to your edge but also is very loving and does not push too far. Jennifer is the owner of the studio and a beautiful teacher that runs this place very well. there is a bathroom and also a shower and in the area are little grocery stores and coffee places. i hope to come back many times and consider Charlottesville lucky to have tis place!

I'm pretty impressed with this place. Ashtanga is, of course, a unique vigorous practice, not best for beginners and not made for every body BUT if you're doing it anywhere do it here. The vibe is nice, the studio is very well established and the people are loving, open, allowing for modifications- not forcing postures. The instructors get and A+ for welcoming and the dog is very cute as well.

First of all, can you beat $5 community yoga classes?! No! The first community class I came to was with Lindsey and she was great. It was a sweaty workout, great adjustments and her tips were on point to help me more fully express a pose. I came again on Wednesday and the class was a little bit less than the first time, but still fun. The vibe of the place is great, one large room with fun Indian decor. They have cubbies for your stuff and restrooms. I'm not sure if they had showers. The location is above a Mexican restaurant, so that can be a bit distracting during class, but a little focus gets you past that. I loved the led primary series Ashtanga class on Friday morning with Zoe. It was the perfect way to end my week of yoga in Charlottesville. She was very patient with a somewhat beginner Ashtangi like myself, but willing to help me with poses. I felt that all the teachers were very devoted to their practice. If only I lived in Charlottesville, I would start the Mysore classes for sure!

I am so glad I found this studio! I travel to Charlottesville from time to time for work and want to maintain my practice while away from home. Very welcoming atmosphere, challenged by the instructor and felt amazing afterward. All levels were welcome at the 6pm Wed class. I'll be back!

Ashtanga Charlottesville is an absolutely wonderful place to practice yoga. I'm no yogi, but I've taken several yoga classes at various studios and I haven't had a better experience anywhere else. The setting is beautiful and intimate: what anyone would want a real yoga studio to feel like. (Though the space is not huge, so some classes can get crowded.) The teachers range from gentle to rigorously challenging, but are all extremely supportive of all levels, which there are usually many of at any given class. The community of people who come to Ashtanga are committed, probably out of love for the instructors and the studio itself, but everyone seems generally open to newcomers. Check out their class schedule online, since the nature of each class varies in its experience, length and yoga practice before coming.

Very good instruction at this small and intimate shala. I'm always excited when I can find an ashtanga mysore studio in my travels.

I'm not a fan of Bikram yoga but have discovered that most of the classes are held without much air conditioning, making me sweat like a pig. If I wanted to sweat so much I would do Bikram. Santi on Tuesday and Thursday at 715 is probably the best instructor from the variety of classes I took. I did the one month new student special, unlimited yoga for $50. I don't think I will be back.

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