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October 2, 2023
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111 Monticello Ave
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 984-3800

I recently joined ACAC, as their 24 hour location in Crozet is really convenient for me. However, the downtown location is definitely my favorite. I love all of the class options, but I especially love the functional fitness room and the plethora of equipment they have available. There is always something going on here (Friday night social hours, some kind of challenge, etc.) to get involved in, and while you can get a great workout in, you can also get some relaxation if needed. There's a great lounge with a fireplace to connect to wifi and get some work done, or just read and enjoy some coffee. Recently after a morning workout, I needed to get breakfast and was worried there wouldn't be any good options to get at the gym (I was in too much of a rush to go elsewhere). I was able to get a super healthy and delicious breakfast of overnight oats and hardboiled eggs that wasn't overpriced at all like I expected it to be! Overall, I'm super happy with my choice in joining this gym. I'll miss the smaller gym I was a part of previously, but I'm happy to have convenience right now with the multiple locations that ACAC has in C'Ville!

This place is heaven. Everything about it is simply wonderful. The atmosphere, the staff, the spacious locker rooms and showers! It's like coming to a country club! It's certainly the most expensive gym I've ever belonged to, but wow it is also the very best! I go to both the downtown and albemarle area centers, but the downtown is certainly the newer and fancier one! However, the albemarle has a separate lap pool, which can be an added bonus.

This review is for anyone looking for a place to train free weights: My husband and I joined as a family membership so that we could have childcare and options for our son. The day after joining we gave it a go and were pretty disappointed. This gym seems to really be for cardio focus and/or classes. The free weight area is dismal. We were there for an hour and couldn't do much but bench and leave. There are 3 squat racks which were occupied by folks doing multiple exercises that did not require a squat rack. There is only one bench press and one incline press. There is no area for deadlifts aside from lifting in front of or in a squat rack. They only have hexagonal plates, which makes deadlifting a pain. There is a major lack of actual plates in the free weight area. On the positive side: There are tons of cardio machines, just about anything to suit your fancy.

I love this gym, mega clean, super friendly atmosphere, the day care staff is fantastic and so many options.

I love the barre, strength, and yoga classes! You'll need extra time to find parking!

Awesome club. Ask for Adam and Peter. Both rock!

The Edge with Dana Lewis teaching is incredible. If you want to get fit and pushed, go to her class at the Edge!

Above average facility. Some of the staff are pretentious, which I never understand. You work at a gym where you depend on us to come back.

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