Santa Monica Power Yoga Schedule Virginia

February 4, 2019
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12217 Santa Monica Blvd
Ste 205
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 985-4847

Yay!!! Finally found my yoga studio on the West side! Called up to see what class to try, spoke to the owner, who was super friendly and helpful in breaking down the different types of classes they offered. Based off my needs he recommended the yin and yang class. Came in and took the class taught my Jillian. She was PHENOMENAL! Super friendly, asked a few quick questions to gauge experience level and if I've been there before. Throughout she was instructive, helped guide me a little on my posture and made it a very relaxing yet balanced class. The studio was adorable, they had all the proper equipment stacked along the wall for you to use and I loved the vibes. It was clean and charming. The class wasn't super stacked so I felt like I could have my own space while practicing and not feeling like someone was on top of me, yet still full so it wasn't like I was being singled out. There's free garage parking in the complex, major plus! I'll definitely be returning and looking forward to trying some of the other classes as well.

After a few repetitive stress injuries compounded by bad desk posture, I wanted to return to a regular yoga practice. I needed something more laid back than a traditional power yoga class that tends to focus on the workout rather than stretching. Enter Laughing Frog - chill vibe, close to home, and a place where I don't have to feel rushed going through the postures. While they do offer more challenging classes, I seem to gravitate toward their restorative or gentle flow sessions, which allows one to settle into the stretch. I like seeing all age groups represented at this studio, and the fact that it's close to home makes it a no-brainer. Tried five different teachers so far, and they all have very distinct styles. Whether you're a "rise and shine" morning person, or you prefer your post-work or evening yoga session, feel free to give multiple teachers a shot until you find a handfull that fulfill your yoga needs.

Came to the Laughing Frog studio with two groupon passes for my boy friend and I... best groupons ever! Those passes were our golden tickets to the path of spiritual enlightenment and total body healing. We love the fact that each teacher has their own style and brings a unigue flow to each class. The studio itself is clean, there is free parking under the building and always a couple great taco trucks outside for a post yoga snack. Needless to say our groupons have since expired, but we decided we need the Laughing Frog in our lives!! Two new members for life :)

I really like this studio, it is welcoming and I feel really at home whenever going. It's not like the fashionable yoga studio where I just feel out of place, even if I'm not a beginner. Usually when I go to a new yoga studio I try to get classes with all the teachers - just so I can judge if I like the place or not. Here I took my first class with John and I thought "that's it; I'm only taking classes with him." He's one of the best yoga teacher: nice, patient, helpful and with a very soothing voice. I love the class with adjustments: it's half way between a restorative class and an intense flow which is perfect for the days when I'm a bit tired. You spend a bit more time in each pose but you will still sweat. John gives you great directions to improve your posture. The studio is big but never too crowded, there's a 2 levels underground parking - and it's free.

This review is long overdue; I've been going to Laughing Frog Yoga since November and love it. I started going because they have class times that work with my schedule, a variety of types of classes, and lots of free parking. They also have great specials and inexpensive classes. I'm very glad to have found it, I even quit ClassPass and now I only go to Laughing Frog. Constance's Monday and Wednesday morning classes are a great way to start your day. They're an hour long and usually consist of a flow series, inversion, and a really satisfying restorative pose. I always leave her classes feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. I also love Jillian and Danielle's late weekday night classes. Some of them have live music, some are by candlelight, but they are all deeply relaxing and comforting. I've been to a few other classes here and there, and I've really enjoyed all of them. Most of their classes are all levels, and most of them are small class sizes. I really like the personal attention that each instructor gives, and definitely would recommend Laughing Frog Yoga if you're looking for a new yoga studio to call home.

It's a relaxed, welcoming space with mostly locals. I like their Breath Work and Yoga with Live guitar, most of the classes are all levels. Easy parking-no time limit or validation.

I found this studio via Gilt. I was pleasantly surprised that such a small studio would offer a variety classes. I've tried other studios, but you get lost in their huge classes. The classes are usually intimate (I prefer going evenings and nights). The instructors get to know you, which makes it more personalized. I really like their gentle and restorative yoga classes. This trial period convinced me to sign-up for their 20 class pass, which never expires.

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