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February 2, 2019
Best Yoga Pants for Women

At the end of a long work week, maybe yoga sounds divine, but you just can’t muster the energy to hold all those downward facing dogs. Or perhaps you’re looking to switch up your massage routine. Maybe you’re feeling extra sore after training for your next half-marathon. If any of these sounds like you, consider getting a Thai yoga massage during your next appointment with us.

Why get a Thai Yoga Massage?

This unique massage experience helps you relax deeply and stretch the aches and pains out of your muscles. If you’re experiencing neck pain, headaches, back pain, stress or anxiety, this type of massage can help with these issues and many more. It’s also highly recommended for more active clients like runners, bikers, hikers and other athletes because it helps stretch out all of the muscles you frequently use during those activities.

What Happens During a Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai yoga massage incorporates acupressure and yoga-like stretching. It differs from western styles of massage in that there is no oil used, the therapist uses a mat on the floor and the client is completely clothed in loose-fitting pants and a shirt. Thai yoga massage is often described as having someone “do yoga to you.” During your massage, your therapist will use stretching, palming and stimulating pressure points, known as sen, all over your body. The combination of techniques will leave your body and mind feeling at peace and will leave your muscles feeling loose and relaxed for days after your session.

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