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November 5, 2018
Kyle Conti from Charlotte Yoga
B – I love to follow markets and trends, this particular market in Northern Virginia has been a hot topic for a couple years now. It has a vibrant and very strong reputation in regards to fitness, how do you think MADabolic Inc. will fit into this active Arlington community?

C- MADabolic Inc. will undoubtedly make a quick name for itself in the Northern Virginia market which is full of young, athletic people who love to workout. The amount of people you see running, biking, on their way to a yoga or coming out of a cycling class is amazing. MADabolic Inc. will compliment all of these activities and will make everyone committed to an active lifestyle a little bit better.

After getting hooked, I knew I wanted to spread that same MADness to the Northern Virginia market. I took a second job at a local running store in Arlington, called Pacers, to get more involved in the local workout community. Since then, I have met thousands of runners and triathletes who are very serious about their sport and are constantly looking for ways to improve. After explaining how well the MADabolic Inc. program supplements all active lifestyles, everyone wants to know how soon I will be selling memberships. MADabolic Inc. is going to be such a great addition to this community.

B – What initially drew you to MADabolic Inc. ?

– What initially hooked me and what has kept me coming back is the programming. All of the workouts are well thought out. There is a rhyme and reason for each move and interval length. It is easily the most holistic and efficient workout I have ever done. I love how every class challenges me in new ways and the fact I’ve never done the same workout twice.

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