Project Yoga Virginia

May 27, 2021

Organizing Committee 2016

  • Elizabeth Bailey, bedrock Yoga
  • Nancy Montez, Beloved Yoga
  • Mayra Montrose, Yogis For Positive Change Board
  • Chris Oemler, Flow Yoga
  • Danielle Probst, Probst Media + Marketing
  • Dina Ramon, DRPR Communications
  • Lori Ritland, Unity Woods
  • Stephanie Roth, Unity Woods
  • Jessica Sanchez, Honest Soul
  • Margaret Townsend, River’s Edge Yoga
  • Johanna Turk, Old Town North Community Partnership Board
  • Niki Van, VanStudios

As community partners, Yogis for Positive Change and the Virginia Yoga Community, come together to present Virginia Yoga Week. Held annually in June, Virginia Yoga Week celebrates the Virginia yoga community, engaging studios and independent teachers throughout the state to offer free classes, $5 classes, and join in the VYW Karma project to benefit a charity of their choice.

Yogis for Positive Change’s mission is to foster a sense of cooperation within the Yoga Community and encourage involvement in community service and advocacy as a positive way to create societal change and mend political divides. The Karma Project is a cornerstone of the Yogis for Positive Change Philosophy. Through the KarmaProject, Y+C works to raise funds and awareness for those in need.

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