Yoga for you Dedham Virginia

May 30, 2021
Hilton Boston/dedham Hotel

A full 8 hour in–depth session covering 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, followed by a 90 minute beginner’s class with Senior Teacher and mentor, Diane Ducharme Gardner.

A 2-3 hour session with a senior teacher, where students ask questions about the postures. Using the dialogue we will help the student gain a better understanding of the “right way” to practice the posture in a more effective, healing way. We recommend all teachers/staff attend these sessions.

Starts with a Q & A session or posture clinic. In addition, a team of visiting teachers (1 – 3 team members) will teach at your studio for 2 – 7 days to facilitate a better understanding of the power of the dialogue and help you, the studio owner, increase student attendance, retention and revenues.

In Dedham, MA at Yoga For You, for any visiting teachers and studio owners who want to come visit for 2-3 days for mentoring, inspiration and support. Especially recommended for those individuals who want to be certified to be a lead for Residencies. We will help with accommodations, either by hosting or recommending a near-by hotel.

For studio owners and teachers, send a tape of your class to Margie or Diane and we will review the class and call you with feedback.

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