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November 4, 2017
REV Pilates Gym - 41 Photos

Tru PILATES owner Robin Truxel has brought together a dedicated, well-trained team of instructors who are truly passionate about the benefits of Pilates. Each instructor took a unique path to discover Pilates, and together, they bring to our team a richly diverse background of professional and personal experience.

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Julia Bruneau holds a BA in Biology from University of Virginia, Doctor of Physical Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University and Pilates certification through PHI. She enjoys helping clients of all backgrounds discover the benefits of a balanced, healthy lifestyle that Pilates creates

She first discovered Pilates at tru PILATES in 2006, drawn to the comprehensive way it toned and energized the whole body. As a natural extension of her interest in body mechanics, movement and posture, she began her Pilates certification in 2008 under PHI Pilates. The combination of Pilates and stretching helped Julia sail through her first pregnancy with a virtually pain free nine months and quick, natural childbirth.

Julia's details:

  • Participates in continued education under Rebecca Leone.
  • Completed Kit Laughlin's intensive Stretch Teacher Training workshop + 12-hour comprehensive Monkey gym workshop.
Source: www.trupilates.com
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