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February 16, 2020
Lululemon Opening Men s Stores

Don’t You Just Love Pants? The Best Men’s Yoga Pants (White, too!)

It is that time of the year again where the weather gets a bit crisper and the wardrobe goes from shorts to pants. Whether you are a Kundalini yoga teacher or student, everyone should have a couple of good pairs of white pants.

Yogi Bhajan always spoke about the importance of wearing white because it strengthens the aura and increases one’s radiance. It is good to dress in nice white clothing especially when teaching a yoga class, going to a workshop/ class or attending White Tantric. It is especially important as a teacher because you want to be presentable and consistent with the teachings that you are delivering.

Women seem to have countless options in terms of clothing. However good white clothing for men can be hard to come by. This is especially true for pants. I have tried almost every type of white pants out there from linen pants, khakis, white shorts to sweat pants. The major problem with most men’s white pants is that they are all see-through on some level.

I highly recommend the Men’s Rayon Yoga Pants. Rayon is derived from naturally occurring cellulose. It is extremely soft and comfortable. The fabric also has a bit of sheen to it and it lasts.

These pants are more of a modern excellent cut. They are not too baggy or cut too slim. Also the best part is that they are not for the most part see-through. Although I wouldn’t recommend wearing them with your leopard print briefs because that would definitely bleed through.

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