How to wear Yoga pants Virginia?

October 6, 2018
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Henrico County, Va. – Should yoga pants be banned from schools? That is one of the new rules up for debate in Henrico County.

The school system there is seeking feedback on updates to its Code of Student Conduct, according to in Richmond, Va.

One of the proposed changes would specifically ban students from wearing yoga pants under Henrico Schools’ dress code. Yoga pants are tight, form-fitting pants designed to be worn during activities that require bending and stretching. However, the pants are often worn causally by women – and even young girls.

“It’s not to say that we’ve gone into the store, picked out a garment and said ‘hey we’re going to ban this one now, ’” Henrico Schools spokesman Andy Jenks explained. “But in previous codes of conduct, the dress code was written in such a way that it was open for interpretation. In this proposal, we’re making it clear so that this article of clothing can be enforced consistently.”

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