Mens Yoga mat Virginia

December 21, 2017
Taking Addiction to the Mat

Use a mat that's too thin and it'll kill your knees. Too thick and you'll be off-balance in poses like warrior three. This five-millimeter Gaiam Mat ($30) is the ideal compromise. The rubber is cushy enough that your spine won't rub against the floor during core work, and the sticky surface gives you extra grip.

Prana Flex Short

Photo: Courtesy of Prana

Prana's Flex shorts ($59) are lightweight, water-resistant, sun protective, and made with recycled materials. More important, they're just as comfortable on the bike ride home as they are in your vinyasa class.

Lululemon Dense Foam Block

Photo: Courtesy of lululemon

Sigg Traveler White Bottle

Photo: Courtesy of sigg

If you're thinking of taking up Bikram, you'll need a water bottle like Sigg's Traveler White ($23) to make it through class alive. This 0.6-liter version is lightweight and durable, and has a BPA-free lining that won't give your water that weird plastic aftertaste.

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