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September 4, 2019
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Yoga is so healthy. It combines the mental, physical and spiritual into a symbiotic blend of wellness. With that said, I like watching beautiful women commit to yoga a heck of a lot more than I like doing it. But yoga is the kind of healthy activity that many avid work-out regulars swear by. The mental and physical benefits of yoga are numerous. For those who haven’t seen too much of yoga, the concentration level involved is key. Normally, rooms are filled with near silence or beautiful music. The necessary level of concentration is so participants can cleanse both their bodies and their minds as they perform their routine. Due to the physical nature of the moves, the concentration requirements are quite high; thus, the soft sweet musical interludes involved.

The effects of yoga in terms of health and on your body are visible on the participants themselves. Take a gander at anyone who partakes in yoga on a regular basis. They are normally fit and look extremely healthy; and by healthy, I mean hot and fit. Yoga emerged out of Ancient India and has since grown in popularity. The exercise has become a favorite of the wealthy and many in the entertainment industry. If you ever catch a glimpse at someone who does yoga on a regular basis, you will definitely know why it is so effective. And when celebrities do yoga, they love to post pictures of themselves looking hot and healthy. Whether they are Internet sensations, A-list actresses, models, singers or incredible dancers, yoga is a big part of these beautiful women’s lives. These are 15 Celebrities Looking Hot Doing Yoga in 2016.

15. Alessandra Ambrosio

Miss Alessandra Corine Maria Ambrosio was born in April 1981 in Brazil. She is known for being smoking hot, modeling for Victoria’s Secret and being the first spokesmodel for their PINK line. This Brazilian beauty isn’t just all looks either. She serves as an ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She was also named by Forbes in 2012 as number six of the highest-paid models, earning over $6 million in just one year. In 2007 she was named by People’s magazine as one of the “100 Most Beautiful People in the World”. Ambrosio has also made many TV cameos including but not limited to Project Runway, The Tyra Banks Show and How I Met your Mother. Alessandra is now engaged and has 2 children. She bounced back quickly from having her first baby and was back on the catwalk just 3 months after giving birth. She is an avid yoga practitioner as you can tell by her stellar body and exceptional form.

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