Yin Yoga Teacher Training Virginia

November 8, 2018
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Level I : January 22-24 + February 12-14


Learn how to teach Yin Yoga safely and appropriately to all bodies in this 120-hour training. The full training comprises the scope of Yin Yoga therapy {100 hours} PLUS a 20-hour Restorative module. The training is taught from the the specialized Wisdom Method™ approach to Yin: as somatic therapy in all senses of the term. Our approach views yin as fascial remodeling for structural balance and mindfulness as yoga therapy for energetic health.

Level 1 Requirements: 40 contact hours

Level II Requirement: 80 contact hours


In the Wisdom Method 100 hour Yin yoga Teacher Training you will learn how to safely teach the deeply relaxing forms of Taoist yoga, known as Yin.

The training is divided into two levels. Level I :: Foundations of Yin + Restorative yoga {the first 40 hours} is appropriate for yoga teachers and practitioners wishing to deepen their understanding of Yin yoga and calming mindfulness practices. You will learn how to teach a safe Yin yoga class and how to lead a calming meditation. In the Restorative portion, you will learn the important distinction between Yin + Restorative yoga and when to use which approach.

Level II :: Yin Yoga Therapy {80 hours} is for those wishing to use Yin yoga therapeutically and dives deeper into sequences for each major meridian pair, therapeutic applications of each sequence, and using mindfulness within the practice to enrich the experience. The foundations of a mindfulness practice –as well as the three major branches of Buddhist meditation –are taught in each of these modules. Because of the therapeutic nature of this level, it is recommended for yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

Anatomy, physiology, contraindications, benefits, subtle energetics, therapeutic application, philosophy, teaching methodology, and teaching techniques/practice are included in each weekend intensive.

The full training is required for the Wisdom Method 700-hour Therapeutics, Level I training. Graduates of the WM 700-hour Therapeutics training may register with the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level.

{Training Modules}

Level I :: Yin + Restorative yoga Foundations :: 40 hours

  • Yin Yoga Foundations: the Water Phase
  • Restorative Yoga as Therapy

Level II :: Yin Yoga Therapy :: 80 hours

  • Therapeutic applications of the Wood Phase Sequence
  • Therapeutic applications of the Fire Phase Sequence
  • Therapeutic applications of the Earth Phase Sequence
  • Therapeutic applications of the Metal Phase Sequence

{Program Outcomes}

The Wisdom Method Yin yoga teacher training teaches instructors the sequencing principles, methodological foundations, therapeutic applications, and contraindications/benefits of Yin Yoga as fascial remodeling and an energetic healing practice. Outcome measures & competencies include, but are not limited to:

  • learning to teach a well-sequenced Yin yoga class
  • learning to practice calming, insight, and heart-opening meditations
  • Meridian theory and the Taoist foundations of Yin Yoga
  • methodology + sequencing foundations for Yin yoga
  • mantras + meditations for teaching Yin yoga
  • an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of Yin yoga
  • sequencing Yin yoga + using the meridian sequences therapeutically
  • contraindications and special concerns
  • essential subtle anatomy

{2015 / 2016 Course Fees}

Source: www.thewisdommethod.com
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