Baltimore Yoga Village Virginia

May 1, 2020
Altar & Studio Space BYV.jpeg
3000 Chestnut Ave
Ste 15
Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 662-8626

Baltimore Yoga Village is my favorite yoga studio. I feel extremely lucky to have discovered it (through receiving a Groupon gift from my mom, actually) especially because it's just a few short blocks from my house. I have only taken classes with Anjali, but she's magic. Not only does she have possibly the most beautiful voice ever, she cultivates the most relaxing, supportive, non-competitive, spiritual vibe I've ever experienced in a yoga class. She will correct (and/or challenge) you in a gentle, compassionate, and encouraging way. Anjali understands the varying limitations of all the different bodies in the room and works to help each person find awareness and balance in wherever they are in their own personal practice. I've taken Therapeutic Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and even yoga with live music in the background. Each time I leave, I'm literally glowing, and thinking "That was the best class ever." I also recommend Anjali's CD. It takes some practice to get used to, as I find it quite difficult to picture what I'm doing right/wrong without having my instructor in front of me, but as I get ready to head off to a week-long vacation with no yoga studios in sight, I'm happy to have it to take along with me.

Recently attended a Hand-to-Hand AcroYoga workshop with my partner at Baltimore Yoga Village. Google maps took us on the Scenic route but once we found the parking lot things became much easier. In general the place is clean and the staff I interacted with were polite, though the woman at the front deck seemed somewhat aloof. The first thing you notice as you walk through the door is the living wall adjacent to the front desk. Plants, succulents and other greenery liberally decorate the entire place creating an organic and natural setting. Up the stairs is a communal space with chairs, a couch and water for hot tea. Beyond is a warmly lit room used for massage, acupuncture or perhaps meditation. The studio, changing room and bathroom facilities are all located towards the back of the building. Artwork, tapestries, small statues or photos of influential yogis fill the empty spaces and decorate the walls. Our workshop began on time and proved a lot of fun and very informative. I would certainly return to try out a yoga class or attend another event.

Deborah is beyond amazing. She is such a delightful teacher. I have tried many, many teachers at Charm City and I liked a few but I prefer the crunchy vibe of BYV. The students are of different ages and some variety in body type, and it is less competitive-feeling. I really feel like I'm thriving under Deborah's guidance. Did I mention that I'm a fan? She reads us a poem during our starting and ending meditations, and there's just a thoughtfulness about her that is rare. It's a very personal feeling as to what you like in a studio and in a teacher so you just have to try some out.

We went to the Monday night community class and it was packed. Nice facility, easy parking, kind teachers, clean and a good vibe. The teacher made sure students of all levels were able to keep up and/or remain challenged. If you enjoy chanting 'om' you'll like the beginning and end of the class but I'm not into chanting. However, it's pretty easy to block it out if you don't want to participate in chanting.

This is review strictly for their meditation on Sunday nights - - I thoroughly enjoyed the chanting meditation I experienced at the BYV this past Sunday. The leader was helpful and passed out fliers with the words for those of us newbies to follow. The room is dimly lit and relaxing. You sit on the floor and if you are late you will not get a meditation pillow, so make sure you get there a little early! One of the best part is that this meditation session is free! Donations only! Just make sure you get there before the session starts as it is pretty distracting when people come in late.

Amazing studio with instructors who are the real thing: careful and focused. The atmosphere is calming, and the classes are deliciously intense and challenging without being pushy at all. The prices are totally reasonable. I'm thrilled to have found these folks.

I am doing my Teacher Training at BYV, it is incredible and comprehensive! We have had specialist in Acro Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga...lectures from PhD's in Science, Rheumatology and more! We are learning to write and read Sanskrit, chant, meditate and most importantly, we learn to embrace our own unique voices to be able to teach wide and diverse people of all ages. Namaste!

I have been going to yoga Village for some years and think it is a serious and helpful place. It has a wonderful cross-section of ages and abilities. I started as a newcomer and am now able to find classes that are both satisfying and challenging. I have taken classes from a number of teachers and they are all good, even with different approaches. I especially like hatha yoga. This is not just for exercise but emphasizes a broad spectrum of physical, spiritual and mental focus.

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