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May 4, 2020
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330, 000

110, 000


500, 000

100, 000

150, 000


900, 000

90, 000

400, 000


1, 400, 000

70, 000

1, 200, 000

30 day unlimited

2, 600, 000


A lot!

Please note that there are donation based community classes for those on a budget.

Yoga Barn Class Card regulations:

  1. Class cards are valid from 6months from date of purchase and are non-extendable.
  2. Class Cards are registered in the name of ONE individual only (the person purchasing the class card). As long as the person on the name of the card is attending a particular class he/she may share the card with any accompanying guests.
  3. A special Bali Expat Discount is available to Expats who live in Bali and can produce a Valid Kitas registered in Bali (not in other areas of Indonesia) ID IS REQUIRED.
  4. Balinese locals who can produce a valid Bali Based KTP are welcome to join any class by donation (KTPS must have been issued in Bali, not other islands in Indonesia).
  5. Students between 12-16 years (ID may be required) can purchase class cards with a 50% discount.
  6. We understand that occasionally classes may not be quite what you expect. If you leave a class within the first 15 minutes and report immediately to reception you will be refunded for that class. Any later than 15 minutes, there will be no refund.
  7. Yoga Barn Class Cards are non-refundable, non-extendable and non-transferrable. You cannot transfer your card to another person after leaving Bali. Please purchase the class card denomination that best suits the time you will be spending in Bali.

Yoga Barn Studio Guidelines & Etiquette

New to yoga or thinking about starting yoga? Etiquette is at the heart of a yoga practice and it is best to know this sooner rather than later to gain respect of your fellow yogis and teachers. Our rules might sacrifice individual needs on occasion, but have been created for the comfort of the larger group.

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