30 minutes Yoga Flow Virginia

April 14, 2017
This fat-burning yoga workout

Prices for Scheduled Classes

Membership $34/month individual
$49/month couples

Drop-In $10

Class Card 10 classes for $90

3 months unlimited $120
2 months unlimited $95
1 month unlimited $60

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Class Descriptions

Tuesday Yoga By the Moon
The moon has moved and inspired us since human life began. A well documented fact that the moon influences the tides of the ocean from its gravitational attraction. Our blood is very similar to sea water. Just as the moon pulls on the tides of the ocean, so does she tug on our blood, our inner ocean. Moon phases exert a powerful influence upon life on earth. Our lives flow more smoothly and are filled with sacred power, balance and healing when we attune our lives to moon phases. Think of your body as a map, and the moon as a compass, guiding you through rough and smooth seas familiar and unfamiliar territory, as you gather your own experiences and create your own experiences. This is a flow class that is open to all levels of experience.
Thursday Ashaya
This class will be taught by Sarah Chouinard. Sarah is a medical doctor who recently completed her yoga teacher training in Ashaya yoga. This class will begin with a five minute discussion of some principal related to yoga that will vary from week to week. The class will be an active, alignment-based asana class that will incorporate proper alignment, hard work, and yoga philosophy. The class is 75 minutes long and is appropriate for all levels.

Sunday Morning Power Yoga
A vigorous hour long flow class, this class focuses on building strength and energy in the body, mind and heart. We do not usually approach advanced poses in this class but it will be a class that you leave sweaty!

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