Prenatal Yoga Austin Virginia

March 30, 2016
B. of Blue Nectar Yoga
3352 Princess Anne Rd
Ste 901
Virginia Beach, VA 23453
(757) 453-6547

First off let me just say that I have never practiced yoga before. I made the decision to go to a prenatal yoga class because I began to feel very tense and stiff (now in my second trimester). I was a little clueless as to what the experience would be like. (I even forgot to bring a mat haha but they did rent one to me for $2) I can honestly say that that one hour session was the most relaxed I have felt in a WHILE. I don't think they heat up the room for prenatal yoga...I'm not sure because the room was a bit warm, but it didn't feel super hot. Regardless, I was sweating pretty profusely by mid session which was awesome and really felt cleansing. By the end of the session, we cooled down and as we laid on our side relaxed and eyes closed, she set a cool towel on each person's neck which was such a nice touch. The instructor was filling in for the usual prenatal instructor and regrettably I didn't catch her name (I was so into the class!!) I read a review about the place not being quiet and people not respecting the room or the environment of others. This was totally not the case or my experience at all. The room was completely quiet other than the calming music she played and her instructions as well as speaking to us about the beauty of being mothers and just really encouraging everyone to be in touch with their baby. The staff and instructors were all very helpful and kind. I signed up for an unlimited month and I honestly can't wait until the next Saturday class! I definitely recommend Zen to anyone willing to escape hectic life for an hour!

Let me start by saying I have been attending another Yoga Studio in Va Beach. I decided to check out Zen Yoga because it was closer to my home and a bit cheaper than the studio I was attending. Went in on a Saturday morning to check out the 10:30 Warm Yoga / Meditation class. When I entered the room, I notice that the door was left propped open, thus letting cold air in and letting in the chatter from the hallway. So much for the "Zen" The room itself was disorganized. People seemed to just put their mats down wherever they landed, no uniformity or personal space. Besides that, there were two women engaged in a full out conversation. I found the teacher Elizabeth in the waiting area( class hadn't started yet) and asked her if it was common to allow talking in the Yoga Room itself. She told me that it's normal on a Saturday because people like to socialize and that perhaps I should come back during the week when it's less hectic. She also told me I need to try and be more respectful of the other patrons conversations because a lot of people know each other here and are friends. Mmmmm. In Every other studio I've ever in, the room is to be respected. When you enter, it's common to be quiet and respectful of others and their practice. The room is the place were everything else should fall way so you can get your body and mind ready for your practice. Very hard to do when you're trying to drown out other people's babble. As far as the class itself, three things stood out to me. Midway through the class the teacher commented about the temperature of the room saying " I don't even have the heat on, this is all you guys". That prompted other people in the room to comment about knowing CPR and such. I've never seen active conversations being carried on in the middle of a Yoga Practice, much less initiated by the teacher. She had no reverence for what Yoga should be. She also told us at one point to " sit criss cross applesauce" Laughable. Made me question if she really was a yoga teacher or just a fill in. The last 15 minutes of the class was the Meditation sequence. The teacher told us we didn't have to stay for that and could leave if we wanted. Needless to say, half the class hi tailed it out of there, letting the door swing open and cold air sailing in. Disrespectful to the rest of the class. Bottom line- if you're a true yogi and wanting to deepen your practice, this is NOT the place for you. If you want an expensive stretching class, by all means sign up. You'd actually be better off getting a good Yoga DVD and practicing in your living room.

I tried Zen Hot Yoga's introduction week, and I quickly fell in love. After finishing my introduction week, I signed up for unlimited month and went almost every day for the rest of the summer. After doing hot yoga all summer at Zen, I felt a new sense of peace and physical strength that I'd never experienced before. The classroom is perfect for practice because of the soothing lighting and light scent of incense. I was very impressed with the teachers. They are very welcoming and bring joy to the practice. I particularly enjoyed learning from Elizabeth, Jackie, Susan, and Alex, although every Zen teacher I've had was excellent. If interested, they are more than happy to offer hands-on assists to take you to the next level (Alex, particularly, will help advance your practice). For beginners, I recommend starting with Warm Yoga to get a feel for the practice and pace and then moving to Hot Yoga and beyond. Unfortunately, I moved away from the area, but every time I'm back in the area I always make sure to stop in at Zen. I've tried many Hot Yoga places since my introduction at Zen, but I've never found a place as welcoming and strengthening as Zen.

Been coming here for half a year now and I absolutely love it. Zen Hot Yoga suits its name. I was scared and intimidated to come here at first. I'm not athletic nor flexible but after attending classes for more than a week, I became comfortable in the studio the instructors are very helpful and I quickly felt welcomed. The place is small, clean, and organized. The employees here are very helpful and greet you when you enter. Zen has one of the best instructors you could ask for. They really push and encourage you. Coming here as taught me to be patient and listen to my body more. I became less stressed and tense each class. I always leave feeling ready for the world.

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