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April 20, 2017
Yoga and Pregnant Women

At Fondin Wellness in Herndon, VA

Come into comfort and coziness at our Prenatal Yoga classes. Prenatal Yoga Class at Fondin Wellness has up to 8 expectant moms keeping the environment intimate and friendly. We begin each class with an introduction to each other, present a pregnancy weekly topic, do breathing techniques, Kegel exercises and 60-minutes of gentle yoga poses appropriate for pregnancy. Total class time is 75-minutes. Each Prenatal Yoga Class is tailored to help prepare you for labor and delivery.

Instructor, Michelle Fondin, has been teaching Prenatal Yoga for over seven years, has three children and practiced prenatal yoga with her third pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga Classes meet in Herndon at Michelle’s Home Studio in Franklin Farm Mondays at 6:45 p.m, Fridays at 5:45 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. Two days per week is recommended for optimal health. Four times per year we offer a Couples Prenatal Yoga Workshop designed for childbirth preparation with your partner. Upcoming workshop: March 4, 2017 from 1-3 p.m. (Space is limited to 4 couples). Get on the list for more details:

One-Time Drop In Fee for First Timers: $25

8-Week Class Session $160 for 8 classes (Must use 8 classes within 10 weeks. You can use your package for multiple days per week.)

(No Refunds Given for This Popular Class)

Here’s what students have to say about
Michelle’s Prenatal Yoga classes:


Michelle’s prenatal yoga classes not only prepared me and my little one for our journey to meet one another, it provided a platform to meet other expectant mothers. Michelle Fondin provided the foundation for developing our understanding of the birthing process, and the participants built upon that foundation to really cultivate a sense of comfort and security with the changes we were each facing. My body solidly withstood labor and bounced back incredibly in no small part because of the hard work it had already gone through bi-weekly at Michelle’s studio.-Bridget

Hello Michelle,
My boy is here finally, he was born on the 22nd June at 4.52 am 7lb 15 oz. I from the bottom of my heart want to thank you for the enlightenment your classes provided me. The ujaya breath, pelvic circles, cow cats, did the trick. I had a vaginal delivery. Even though I was in labor for 18 hrs every min reminded me of your guidance. Thank you for making this such an amazing experience. -Rubina

Hope your doing fine. I delivered naturally on March 7th. We named our baby girl as “Shreeyaa”.

The whole experience was much better with the help of yoga. My doctor was amazed at how flexible I was. All the squats and yogic breathing paid off. Thanks to your information sessions I was knowledgeable at every step of the process and was able to take decisions easily. I am so glad I took the classes with you. Thanks so much Michelle for everything!
-Radha in Herndon

I’d like to introduce you to Ella Ivy. Born on March 7th. Ten days early!She was 7 pounds 10 ounces and 21″ long :). I can’t thank you enough for helping make my labor so easy!!! 20 minutes of “pushing” and that included 5 minutes of waiting for the doctor. I know yoga had a lot to do with it and the breathing was awesome during contractions. I did get an epidural but I did hold off much longer than I anticipated!!! :)Thanks again for everything!!! -Elisha in Ashburn

Michelle’s prenatal yoga class is amazing! I’m so glad I signed up for it, and have kept doing it throughout my pregnancy. She builds a sense of belonging in the class between all of the expectant mom’s. She starts each of the classes with a pregnancy topic, and then goes into breathing, and yoga stretches. I would highly recommend this class to any expectant mother who wants to remain active during their pregnancy, and wants to meet other new mothers!- Poonam A. Herndon, VA (
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