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February 26, 2017
To Get Pregnant: What Are
PictureSuzy Farhat teaches some of the Orbit Classes & occasional Strong Yoga/ Pilates Core Classes. Nicknamed "The Suzinator" she's known to challenge her students to a state of quiver while smiling.

I think she is trying to kill me while laughing. I love Suzy and your pilates studio. Debbie W.

Erin Garvin is known to offer challenging classes while encouraging you to listen to your body. She is encouraging, positive, and happy to have you enjoy safe, alignment-oriented movement that gets you stronger & more toned.

I totally love your Pilates classes. Erin, you are the best I have ever taken. I feel like I am getting so ready to put on my bikini I need to sport when I go to Miami.
E. Robinson, Artist & business owner

Rhonda Morgan is a pilates enthusiast who has been practicing Pilates herself for almost 20 years. She offers challenging mat sessions that encourage you to be your strongest, healthiest and happiest self. She also likes to incorporate various props like the foam roller, arc, and ring to add variety to the classic mat session.Picture As a grandmother, artist, avid kayaker, and museum director, Rhonda brings a diverse and fun loving personality to every session. To join one of Rhonda's Pilates Mat classes contact her at

Amelia Sunnen is a college student completing her Associates Degree in Liberal arts this May. She's been practicing pilates for six years and she's studied ballet for 15 years. Even her voice makes you feel graceful and light. Amelia enjoys offering challenging mat and reformer pilates sessions while explaining the "why" and "what" behind the moves. Start feeling graceful and strong with Amelia.

Emily has a background in personal training and has been taking pilates for about for a year. She is kind and offers challenging pilates sessions on the springboard & barrel while also being exceptional at accommodating clients' issues and concerns. Emily also enjoys adding assisted stretching from her training in Erin's Thai Yoga workshops for her clients at the end of the session.Picture Her training so far includes: Springboard, Barrel, Thai Yoga Assists, & the Chair.

Emily teaches the core camp mid-May to October and is training to offer orbit group classes. She enjoys giving challenging movements while encouraging students with her sunny smile & fun sense of humor. CLICK HERE to schedule an reduced-rate private pilates appointment with Emily or set up a class for Emily to teach to your group.

I just love working with Emily. She always adjusts the workout to what I need that day. Cheryl L. Roanoke, VA. Active Grandmother.


Prenatal Yoga
Experience prenatal yoga designed to focus on postures and alleviating discomforts of pregnancy. Practice gentle poses and breathing exercises that help strengthen the uterus and pelvis muscles while keeping the body flexible. Focus on connecting the breath to slow gentle movement to prepare for a healthy, mindful approach to the birth process. Contact Lindy Dalton.

Q: What if I don't have my own mat?
A: To Make your life easier, We have extra pilates & yoga mats, pilates rings, foam rollers, ties, yoga blocks, drinking water, & hand towels.

Q: Is it ok to be late to class?
A: YES, YES, YES! We'd much rather you be late and make a deliberate action towards taking care of you than to miss YOUR HEALTHY TIME.
With your busy life, persistent steps, even if they are sometimes small, towards self-care is really the key to a more balanced, peaceful life. Generally I spot you coming late to class, I'll roll out a mat for you in the rear of the class so you can slip in quietly to your spot. Shut your eyes, take a few breaths, & give yourself a few moments to transition from where you were before class to being present in class.

I was so intimidated to take a class, and Erin and the other instructors made me feel like I was doing such a great job on my first day. Now, I'm thinking I may want to teach people who were as intimidated as I once was. Jennifer D. Roanoke, VA. I'm busy and usually stressed out so having an efficient workout that calms my mind is key! Erin does such a great job at challenging the muscles but still sending a sense of peacefulness to a class workout. Thank you, Erin" K. Warner. ultrasound technician. Roanoke, Va.
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