Prenatal Yoga Charlotte NC Virginia

February 21, 2017
Lauren Jacobs

Margaret Chesson, PT-GCS, RYT, graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in Physical Therapy in 1976.

She has worked most of her PT career in orthopedic or geriatric physical therapy, working

the past ten years at Carol Woods Retirement Center part time where she also teaches senior

gentle yoga classes. Her attraction to yoga was a natural extension of her interest in intersection

of western and eastern thought. She first trained with Ginger Garner, MPT, RYT, ATC, a long time physical

therapist and yoga teacher who specializes in chronic pain management. Most recently she successfully

completed the 220 hours of Yoga Teacher Training with Body, Mind and Spirit of Chapel Hill.

Margaret also credits the nurturing and attentive tutelage from the instructors of Triangle Yoga with the

development of her own personal practice. It is Margaret's desire to share her enthusiasm for the health

benefits of yoga with every Body and reassure you that it is never too late and you are never too old

to begin the yogic exploration. With the ample aid of props and supports, her classes meet

you where you are and invite you to experience the benefits of merging the therapeutics

Barbara teaches all forms step by step so that students can learn the movements at their own speed without feeling awkward. As participants progress, they practice the foundational principles of Tai Chi and Qigong and begin to explore deeper levels of self-healing. Barbara would like to see people in the United States practicing in parks and gardens just like people in China, where they are part of the landscape. A relaxed class atmosphere and gentle music provide inspiration for people of all fitness levels to improve their health and cultivate the universal energy of Qi!

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