When to start Prenatal Yoga Virginia

March 7, 2017
Prenatal Yoga

When should I begin prenatal yoga?
When you become pregnant.

But I'm not showing yet. Do I really need to attend prenatal?
The early stages of pregnancy are the most fragile time for your baby. As the baby grows it becomes more resilient, but you need to treat your body differently. Honor that you're pregnant, and protect your child.

Can I continue to attend regular classes?
No. There are serious risks to you and your baby if you attend regular classes. Please see a discussion of the risks and dangers of a regular yoga class here.

Are there really no other options other than Prenatal?
Prenatal Yoga is the ONLY option for pregnant yogis.

I don't want anyone to know that I'm pregnant yet. What can I do until I complete my first trimester?
Go for a good walk or join us in Prenatal Yoga. It's OK to tell people in Prenatal that you want to keep your pregnancy secret. Everyone in class has been in your shoes.

I really want to get a good work out in. What should I do?
Prenatal Yoga at JOURNEYoga is designed to strengthen you over the course of your pregnancy and has often been called Labor Boot Camp. Join us and you'll get a good work out that's safe for you and your baby.

Can I bring my partner to class?
Unfortunately, no. We have limited space and often fill it to capacity with mommas. Occasionally we offer workshops that include partners.

Source: journeyoga.com
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