Balanced Bodies Pilates Virginia

October 27, 2017
At Balanced Bodies Studio
(703) 435-4553

The instructors here are top notch. They never let you slack and always take you to a level you didn't know was possible. It is so refreshing to be back practicing with instructors who really provide proper instruction!

I've never met someone like Carrie the co-owner of this place. She is SO up to date and interested in cutting edge material so that her and her staff actually experience modern practices that are EFFECTIVE. Her cueing, her energy, her expertise, everything about her ROCKS. I would pay her a lot of money for her time LOL! Her facility is super clean, smells nice, healthy (even the soap is non harmful) and the environment there is so encouraging for growth. GO HERE!

Great hands-on instruction, even in group classes. Always challenging. The instructors are very knowledgeable!

the instructors are all top notch. And as a previous reviewer said they always take you to another level...challenging you. All the classes are great-mat, reformer, and yoga. Great place to get into shape

I'm a beginner, so I had no idea what to expect from this or any Pilates studio. I've taken plenty of yoga classes, but never really got into it because I don't like large group classes. Balanced Bodies is exactly the opposite; an intimate, comfortable space with a friendly atmosphere. I had a few private sessions to learn the fundamentals, and now I'm taking the small group mat classes, which are great. Very challenging but fun!

While I work with one instructor in particular the studio is very nice and clean and calm. I mostly did yoga to relax in my prior life, and since having cervical spine surgery with the ok of my surgeon going pilates vs PT has worked! I look forward to going and do my homework as much as possible with my work schedule - since my job is very physical...and being given the tools needed has been such a blessing. Myriam is who I work with and she works ya! I can tell the difference in a relatively short period of time! My upper back (and other areas not the focus) are all saying..."thanks!" "ahhhh" :)

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