Bikram Yoga Ashland Virginia

December 25, 2015
Ashland Hot Yoga-3
2455 Siskiyou Blvd
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 488-9642

This studio DESERVES five stars. I have been regularly practicing at a studio in the south bay area where we seem to have a bit of a "scene." You know, people go there to 'lose weight, ' 'look good, ' 'be competitive, ' and don't go inside themselves when practicing. I had a profound spiritual experience here yesterday, leaving behind all of that superficial bullsh*t from the bay area and I really appreciated that everyone in the class was focused on their practice. It was a beautiful thing. In turn, I had the most conscious class I have ever had. I think the instructors name was Amy? (sorry if I didn't catch it correctly) - her voice was very soothing. This place is very humble. The hot room is beautiful, with hardwood floor, gentle lighting, and a fireplace (and possibly other heat sources) that heat the room EVENLY. The temperature was consistent all the way through the class, no ups or downs. When the instructor opened the doors for a couple of seconds at a time, the entire room filled with the freshest air I have ever felt - a real treat, smells like the real outdoors pine trees and all. The biggest treat of all, that I haven't taken advantage of yet - I think there is an outdoor shower under the trees! I am so grateful that my body led me to this studio. Namaste.

One unpleasant crappy incidence was not enough, Natalie called and being hustle toward me. Claimed she did not know why she would got a contact from yelp, however, when i started to explain she immediately said bye and hung up. This reflects my initial experience with her to a t. Rude and short. For no reason at all. I was never inpatient and always polite. She sucks.

Most of the instructors are very friendly and helpful, there is one who I am pretty sure just likes standing almost naked in front of a room full of people and exercising his giant ego. Otherwise, the only reason for my three star rating is that they really do over pack the classes and should add more to the schedule. If I am paying $15 a pop I should at the very least not have to have another person so close to me I don't have sufficient space to do the poses and literally get their sweat dripping on me. Gross.

What a unique studio. One of the more down to earth studios I have practiced at. The instructor was great. She provided corrections as needed and had a very soothing voice. There was a great energy in the room. The price is definitely right here. She has 45.00 unlimited per month packages. Almost makes me want to relocate to the area. :)

I love Bikram yoga, and the Ashland studio is my favorite! Gentle, knowledgable teachers, wood floors, friendly practitioners.

I visited this studio in mid-March. I have practiced Bikram for 9 years, many places in the US and some abroad. Have been a Bikram teacher for 2 years. Was pleasantly surprised at the fantastic heat provided by the stove. The atmosphere, with all the beautiful, natural wood, was great. Facilities were clean; ample parking. Instructor's name was Alex, I believe. He was attentive, positive, helpful, and a bit on the mellow side compared to other Bikram teachers. I had a good class, worked really hard, felt great afterward. It can be interesting though perhaps misleading to read reviews by people new to Bikram, on particular studios. The Bikram yoga classes have their own, special energy and protocol, etiquette, which can be quite different from other styles/practices. I think most people who practice Bikram regularly would hardly notice/lift an eyebrow at a new student being asked to stay inside the room. Most of us are just focused on working really hard and staying present ourselves.

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