Yoga Teacher Training Thailand Virginia

September 10, 2019
Advanced Yoga Therapy Training

Experiential Learning

  • We believe in putting knowledge into practice and experience, rather than simply reading texts and writing essays.
  • You will learn both western functional anatomy and yogic anatomy and how to apply them to yoga postures.
  • We incorporate skilled core stability and activation with Pilates principles taught by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.
  • Includes in-depth study and practice of asana (yoga poses), pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), meditation, and teaching practicum.

Personal Growth

  • We value the unique qualities of each person, no "cookie-cutter" teachers here.
  • You will learn how use ancient yogic philosophy and wisdom to live authentically, with greater health and wellness.
  • Includes mindfulness exercises, history of yoga and its lineages, tools for transformation, and a nurturing, supportive community of peers and teachers

Teaching Methodology

  • We know the importance of teaching with confidence.
  • You will learn specific tools and techniques to be a effective teacher.
  • Includes skilled verbal cueing, assisting, sequencing, class planning, ethics, and the business aspects of yoga.


Special Populations Training

  • We have an inclusive studio environment and work with a range of students of varying shapes, sizes, and needs.
  • Includes Seniors, those with Injuries, Prenatal, Postpartum, and more.
  • You will learn skills to teach students in this key niche of the yoga world.
  • Includes study of why and how to modify for students’ individual needs.


* At least 6 months of yoga practice (2-3 times weekly) and an open, curious mind.

* A filled out application and an in person or phone interview with the Mind the Mat Director of Teacher Training, Michael Peterson.

* Note: it is NOT required that you become a yoga teacher after training. Many students take this course for their own personal development.


** You will have access to unlimited FREE yoga classes during the program. Our location in Alexandria, Virginia has three studios, one of which is a state of the art Hot Yoga studio. This benefit includes classes at our second studio location, in Clarendon, Arlington, Virginia. Pilates and Barre classes are not included but we encourage you to observe these classes upon request.

**You’ll receive a 15% discount on class packages during the year following your graduation from the program.

** During the program, you will receive discounts on the Power Supply prepared foods offered at our Alexandria and Arlington studios.

** Upon graduating, you’ll be eligible to register as a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher through internationally recognized Yoga Alliance. Mind the Mat is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School.

** You will transform. This journey into the heart of yoga will change the way you look at the world forever.

** Our experienced community of teacher trainers are fun, enthusiastic, humble and wise. They will be your guides through a 5-month journey deep into the heart of yoga and yourself. Our Yoga Teacher Training is taught by

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