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May 22, 2020
Tree of Life Iconography

For a discipline with so many known benefits, yoga requires surprisingly few pieces of equipment and accessories. One essential accessory is a yoga bag, which is specifically designed to keep your equipment organized and accessible.

We carry a range of yoga bags, yoga mat bags, and yoga slings in various types, styles, and materials to meet your personal needs.

Our Tree of Life tote bag and gym bags are convenient and practical, with space to hold your mat, water bottle, and towel as well as extra pockets for your keys, phone, and personal items. If you prefer an over-the-shoulder bag just for your mat, we offer an attractive selection that includes bags with drawstring or zipper closures, adjustable straps, and an exterior accessory pocket.

A lightweight and compact sling is a handy alternative to a mat bag; our line includes one that doubles as a yoga strap to help you accomplish challenging stretches.

Aside from being comfortable and practical, our yoga bags uplift and nourish your soul with their appealing colors, inspirational images, and pleasing aesthetics.

Our designs range from brightly colored hand-beaded spring flowers to delicately embroidered dragonflies, damask- and batik-style prints, and yoga symbols including the tree of life and the harmony tree. Choose a design that complements your personal outlook or spirituality, and enjoy its fashionable, visual appeal on your bag.

In line with our belief in the importance of earth-friendly products, we offer bags from 100 percent cotton, 100 percent recycled materials, and 100 percent sustainable hemp for your easy care and use. This range also includes beautiful items handcrafted by fair-trade artisans with rich and unique finishes.
We carefully choose our yoga bags, yoga mat bags, and yoga slings to offer high-quality products to suit your individual requirements.

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