Runners Yoga Virginia

November 23, 2017
Runners, come and learn about

Warrior pose (Virabhadra-asana)Namaste!

Come join us for weekly yoga every Sunday. Yoga practice helps improve endurance, strength, flexiblity and mental focus.

When : Sunday -4:00pm-6:00pm

Yoga Celebration

) The Bartlett (520 12th St. South Arlington, VA 22202

Teacher(s) :

Rachel Stoneis a passionate runner and member of the DCRR club. Rachel’s yoga journey began several years ago, but she rediscovered her practice while dealing with a running injury post Marine Corps Marathon in 2015. Rachel received her 200-hour teacher training certification this past spring in Vinyasa Power Flow Yoga. Rachel is truly committed to helping people and wants her fellow runners to learn the many benefits of practicing yoga.

Courtney Kopfis 200 hour power yoga certified teacher. She is a regular yogi, tennis player, and runner. Courtney has been working in IT sales for seven years and prior to that, a movie studio publicist for six years post-graduation from Ohio State. She has a rescue dog named Wellington and lives in Arlington.

Lisa Pafe teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin yoga and is always looking for a new challenge. Lisa received her 200-hour RYT Fluid Vinyasa Yoga certification with Kevan Gale, and she also trained in Yin Yoga at East Meets West Yoga Center. She is the USA Yoga Federation 2016 Senior Women’s Division Virginia and Mid-Atlantic Region Asana Champion and is ranked 7th nationally.

Clothes : Running short & signlet/t-shirt good, anything comfortable loose fitting does not hinder your body movement or over expose body parts.

Gear : Mat

Etiquette : Get there early 10-15minutes before class, take off your shoes and socks put mat where you feel most comfortable spot.

Basis Yoga poses: Get familiar with basic poses, practice at home make you more comfortable and improve your experience.

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