Aerial Yoga hammock Virginia

March 13, 2017
Gravity…with Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a flowing practice that blends vinyasa (movement/breath based) yoga with support from suspended fabric. Designed to hold up to 1, 000 pounds, each silk hammock provides support for postures done on the mat or in the air.

Aerial Yoga 1

In Aerial 1, you will learn each of the fundamental wraps of aerial yoga during a slowly flowing practice. Weight is often distributed between the hammock and the floor, and sequences and postures will increase flexibility, spinal mobility, strength and balance. At times, we will use the hammock for full body support, creating a restorative cocoon. Every Aerial 1 class includes all foundational wraps, all major movements of the spine, joint range of motion work, spinal decompression and at least 1-2 optional inversions within a flowing, hour long, breath based class. Each session ends with approximately 10 minutes of floating savasana, or relaxation!

We ask that you give us 24 hour cancellation so that we may release your spot if there is a waitlist.

Protocol for aerial yoga:
Wear shirts with sleeves that cover armpits; leggings or sweat pants that cover knees; no lotion on hands or body, do not wear jewelry, watches, or zippers and trim toenails to avoid snags in fabric.

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