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June 21, 2020
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I signed up for a one month boot camp with MODO Fitness to help prepare me for an upcoming climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro. This program exceeded my expectations. Todd and Team MODO Fitness are great motivators and have crafted an exceptional fitness program that varies each day so you never get bored from repetition. My results at the end of the program far exceeded my expectation. I recently had knee surgery so I had some unexpected knee pain, but Todd help to craft special exercises for me that pushed me, while limited any pain or discomfort for me knee. Todd takes great pride, and pays special attention, to knowing each student and what it takes to motivate each individual student. I highly recommend this program for anyone who either wants to get in better shape or is looking for an amazing program to stay in good shape. I plan to register for a future session of a MODO Fitness Boot Camp. This is by far the best value you can expect from any fitness program.

I did Modo fitness for a few months and do agree that the workouts were good. My issue with this bootcamp is that it is way too expensive for the value of what you get. First - it's all running and body weight, which technically you could do on your own at any time in the park. Second - the classes are huge. Sometimes 30-40 people. This is way bigger than most other bootcamps in the park and you don't get much 1x1 time with the trainers. MODO asks experienced bootcampers to help out, but they are not certified and don't know proper techniques which could get you injured. Third - if you travel during the week at all, this is not a flexible option as you can't make up missed time the next session for the most part. Forth - most of the trainers are great but some (specifically the owner) are a little over eager. Don't get me wrong, I love to be cheered on but he can tend to call to call you out or try to have a conversation with you with you are doing push ups with can be annoying. I would recommend you sign up for classpass. It's cheaper. You can still do this bootcamp 3x a month plus other bootcamps in the area that are equal if not better and it is flexible for your schedule. Hope this helps !

This is now my second review update for MODO; 23 months and going strong, I am definitely addicted! This bootcamp remains the best thing I have ever done for myself other than marrying my hubby. Forget the weight loss (that happens for sure!), I look and feel completely different, I'm stronger and leaner than I've ever been. Todd, Roman, Duncan, Jessica and Lucy are the most supportive, enthusiastic, amazing trainers you will meet. Many of my fellow bootcampers are now my dearest friends. Piedmont Park remains the world's best gym. There's nothing else I can say, other than do yourself the favor of checking it out - next thing you know you'll be a "MODO lifer" like me :D

Todd, the instructor, is awesome at motivating and coaching people of all levels. The energy and passion he puts into MODO is impressive - a large reason why I still go back. This is my first bootcamp experience and I've grown to love it (took a few weeks to get here). I initially thought that bootcamps are for people who are far from in shape, but Todd changed my preconception in the first week, I came from regularly doing hot yoga and kickboxing/Muay thai at Unit 2. Two more reasons I recommend MODO: all workouts are outdoors in the beautiful Piedmont park; you will never get bored of routine workouts - everyday is something different and I learn something new.

This is my second week of class at MODO Fitness and I'm extremely pleased with the experience.The instructor Todd is a great motivator and seems to genuinely care about the student's welfare during class and overall improvement. It's obvious that he enjoys what he does, but more than that he is great at it. I've tried other bootcamps, all of which I felt promoted too many exercises that lead to bulky muscles and poor cardio endurance. MODO's workouts are structured to include exercises that use your own body as resistance in combination with significant cardio work. At the end of each class, I've left thoroughly worked-out, but not exhausted or sore. Also, if your looking for a bootcamp that doesn't simultaneously feel like a cult, this is your place.

I joined MODO fitness in May 2012 to help me get in better shape for my wedding in October. I have been a part of three other boot camps, and MODO fitness is by far the most effective. Through the very hot and humid summer, both Todd and Julie were there every step of the way encouraging me, holding me accountable and pushing me more and more during each class. After 4-6 weeks i could already see the difference in my body and dropped 1 jean size. My clothes fit way better and I feel great about myself! What I like best about MODO fitness are the people; both students and instructors. All of the veterans (which now includes me!) are so encouraging and they really become your second family, and your best competition! Each workout is different from the day before, which surely makes each class fly by since you don't know what is next! I received so many compliments on my wedding day and from my husband in the months leading up to our wedding, about how great i looked. My arms are now toned, my calves and thighs stronger and can't forget my butt, definitely toned thanks to those squats! The class is fun, yet challenging and how that is possible, i don't know. But even after my wedding, I am still committed to staying in shape and reaching even higher goals. MODO fitness is definitely the best boot camp and workout class I have ever been too. DOMINATE!

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