High rise Yoga Leggings Virginia

October 4, 2020
Adidas Workout High Rise Long

Rated 1 out of 5 by lolonicole Old Lulu is better quality I used to LOVE these pants but after 2-3 months of wearing them, they started pilling between my thighs to the point that there is a hole in the seam. I could get away with wearing them with the pilling but now thats theres a hole between my thighs, I can't wear them at all. Bad purchase. January 19, 2017

Rated 2 out of 5 by katvb Thin + Tight I have a couple other pairs of wunder under hi-rise crops and wear + love them so much that they are starting to wear out! (after plenty of wear and use, no problems there). I treated myself to a pair of these in the heathered black, and they are significantly thinner than any other lulu leggings I've ever purchased, including tights. They gave me a crazy looking camel toe and even in my regular size did not smooth out the lumps and bumps that typically drive me to pay the premium on lulu gear. Returned before I got a chance to see if they discolored like other reviews report. super disappointing. January 17, 2017

Rated 5 out of 5 by chichi84 Great workout crops These are not see-through. Actually, I went down a size after a sales associate in the store told me bunching of the fabric around the back of the knees indicates you are wearing a size too big. I am always afraid of buying too small and that being the reason it is see through. (I carry any extra weights in my hips and thighs, so I'm not some super skinny person either.) I love the hi-rise/crop style of pants. These come up mid-torso for me, and only tend to roll down when I'm doing really twisting/folding core movements (this doesn't bother me though, since regular cut styles feel worse at that.) The luxtreme fabric has been amazing for working out. I am only buying luxtreme pants anymore. I'm starting to think people are making up these reviews to get free stuff. Every time I buy a pair of pants and then look at the reviews, they are insanely bad. And yet, I've never had problems with any of the pants that have had bad reviews. Look at the intended purpose of what you're buying, check out the fabrics, etc. before making a purchase (as with any expensive product.) January 17, 2017

Source: shop.lululemon.com
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