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September 29, 2018
Of Yoga - Virginia Beach
(775) 870-9905

Midtown Community Yoga is been my yoga home since March of this year. The environment is super comfortable. Whether you are in the lobby and want to sit on the comfy couch. The practice space is beautiful, your Drishti (focus point) will be happy. There is always plenty of parking. Also, there is always someone in the lobby!!! That has been comforting for me to feel like my stuff is more secure as they always have someone sitting at the computer who will remember who you are and check you in, hassle free. The owners are super chill, friendly and have no agenda other than supporting their community and doing Yoga. I am partial to Edin's class if I want to work hard, but still stay mindful of my breath. I am partial to Amy's class when I want a no nonsense, Ashtanga influenced class. Amy's Saturday morning "It's Just Yoga" is inviting, warm and beginner friendly. Even if you aren't brand new to the practice, you will still love it. Doug E's Tuesday night donation based recovery class has done more for my health, well being and recovery this year than I can ever really explain. He and Andrea who co-teach this class always bring a sweet Vinyasa flow with amazing tunes. Doug E and Andrea have created a sweet, accessible "tribe" of like minded folks. If you want to get your Yoga Nidra on, try out the class with Joanne Miller on Tuesday nights. I can go on and on. Great place to get your yoga on, and they are doing wonderful things for our community. Thank you Midtown!

Part of my mission to make myself feel at home in Reno is to find a yoga studio. I have been to a few and Midtown Community Yoga is one of my favorites. It is such a pretty and calming place. The city views from the practice rooms is very pretty. They have a wide variety of classes. Their motto "Yoga is for everybody" is very ad-hoc as they offer various styles for different levels, including families, and also great payment plans. I believe one of them is pick your membership price and there is another one only for veterans. How cool is that? They also offer a donation based class every day whereas must studios do this only once a week. Online sign up is very convenient. I have taken clases with different instructors and they are very kind and qualified. I keep this studio on my regular roll.

Great community of yogis. All instructors are awesome. I love the funky atmosphere and location. Look for Andrea, Doug E. and will love them!

Okay, headstand man, the beauty in me recognizes the amazing yoganess in you and such. Meanwhile, I'm going to stand here and try to touch my toes. I am not a yoga goodness, I barely know what baby cobra is, and child's pose might be my favorite. That being said, my goal for yoga is not to stand on my head, but to increase balance, flexibility, breath, and mindfulness. My first class at MCY hit on the flexibility and balance for sure, but it was a bit advanced for me so when asked to do any kind of inversion, I kind of shut down and stared at headstand man (who happened to be right next to me, ) and doubt any movement I make. Are these MCY's problems or mine? Mine. That's why they still get four stars. The studio is absolutely gorgeous. I love the big windows, the colors, the ceiling, all of it. The teacher was warm and welcoming. I did the radiant flow class, and looking back at the description, it is well described. I just imagined it to be like all two other yoga classes I've done, which moved much slower. If this review started snarky, I apologize. Headstand man was so friendly and nice, as was the rest of the community. I will try slower classes, and work on not comparing my practice. Great addition to midtown!

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