Breath and body Yoga Virginia

May 6, 2021
We unite the breath

Zumba® focuses on letting the music move you instead of endlessly counting repetitions over the music. Zumba® workouts are more like a dance party than a fitness class, so everyone has a great time while they move to salsa and merengue instead of traditional fitness music. In the Fit Body 'n mind Corporate Zumba® classes, you'll be having such a great time dancing with our instructors, you won't have time to think about the "work" in workout. Our Zumba® certified instructors will keep the party going. See what we mean in this video of a Zumba class.

Zumba® classes are designed to be for everyone - no matter what your age, body type, or fitness level. All are welcome and everyone will have fun. No special equipment is needed - just grab a towel and comfortable dance sneakers or cross-trainer shoes and come join the party.

Contact us if you are interested in bringing Zumba® to your company.

Yoga Classes

Fit Body 'n Mind offers all-level Hatha yoga classes that can be tailored for beginners or experienced yoga students. The physical practice combines breath work with poses that can be modified or amplified to provide a unique experience for each person in the class. We encourage each student to focus on their own experience without the competition you find in many studios. Each session is designed to lift the spirit, calm the mind and provide a workout that will burn calories, strengthen your body and improve or increase your flexibility.

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