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January 28, 2018

Teen YogaHave your child or teen join age-appropriate yoga once or twice a week. At Michelle’s home studio in the Herndon-Franklin Farm area, your child will increase flexibility, strength, balance and discipline. Michelle’s teen program includes character building through yoga philosophy.

The Teen Yoga sessions will include themes such as
  • Pure Potentiality/ Infinite Possibilities
  • The Law of Giving & Receiving
  • Non-violence/ non-harming
  • Living in the Present Moment
  • The Law of Truthfulness
  • The Law of Intention & Desire

Your teen’s 60-minute class will include:

Theme discussion

Yoga breathing & opening meditation

Seated yoga postures

Standing postures & Sun Salutations

Balance postures

Kid yogaRelaxation & Ending Meditation

Teen yoga is for ages 12-15 or Middle School. Students above 15 may join an adult class. Space is limited to 7 students. Prepaid sessions of 8 weeks equals per class. Drop ins are .

Kid Yoga Classes are for ages 6-11

Fun, playful and educational describe Kid’s Yoga with Michelle. Elementary age children will learn yoga through play, games and partner work. This course is designed for kids to learn poses, proper alignment and balance, learn the value of stillness and trusting one another with partner poses. Yoga stories and values will be infused into the class as well as chanting and singing mantras to help with movement.

Kid Yoga is 50-minutes long. The class is intense with lots of movement and play so make sure your child is on-time to get the full experience. Have your child bring his or her own beanie baby or bean bag stuffed animal to class. We will use them as props and so your child has a “Yoga Friend” with him or her at all times.

Each Kid Yoga student will also bring a small bottle of water. (No other drinks or food will be permitted in the studio.)

This is a drop off class. Parents are encouraged to leave for the full 50 minutes so we can honor the silence of the classroom when we need to. There is plenty of shopping down the road so you can get some shopping done while your child learns yoga moves.

Discipline & Respect is a big part of yoga philosophy as well as Karma Yoga or Yoga of Service

To foster this sense of responsibility each Teen & Kid Yoga student will:

-Leave shoes, coats and any other items near the front door in designated areas.

-For teens/tweens all cell phones must be on silent mode and in the front hall during class.

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